Merge Accounts?

I’m not sure how this happened my my main Gizmoplex account uses one email which is not the email I use on Kickstarter but it does have most of my Kickstart rewards assigned to it. Then there is another one with the email I use at Kickstarter and it has the rewards I got for backing RiffTrax. Is there a way to merge these two accounts in one?

K thx bye

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I’d start by sending an email here:
Someone on @ivan’s team might be able to help with this.


Thanks. I just did.

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I managed a similar situation some years ago and VHX support was able resolve it. Fingers crossed you too are able to merge accounts.

Thanks NotTVsFrank, they emailed back right away and said it wouldn’t be a problem.

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Excellent, I’m glad to hear it. Let us know when you get it resolved so we can mark this thread as “solved”.

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I got an email saying the accounts have been merged but I’m not seeing the RiffTrax shorts that were under the other email account. It isn’t any big deal, it was only a few. So I guess I’d call this resolved.

Back up - where were you seeing Rifftrax shorts?

I think we’re talking about the 5 shorts from the RiffTrax Kickstarter.

Yep, the RiffTrax Kickstarter rewards.

Really, I think the best option would be to reply to the email you received from and let them know that everything merged correctly but you are missing those 5 shorts.

Just to make sure: do you see any mention of them on your Gizmoplex Purchases page?