I just discovered this fan-made group of episodes made after the show was cancelled. I’ve never heard of it before, but I got to say I was blown away by how well a small group of fans in a basement could recreate the feel of MST3K. While the voices are a bit jarring in how different they are, and some of the acting could be better, I still think it was a fun little fan project that deserves more attention. What do you think, sirs? Have you heard of this before? How do you feel it was?

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Boy howdy.

Some clickables, won’t you?



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There’s also this fan project called MST3K vs Gamera Round II, where they do the Showa era Gamera movies that weren’t screened on the original MST3K run. Their work on the final movie that was a glorified clip show has been delayed however.

Fanmade Series: MST3K vs Gamera Round II - YouTube

I got to be friends with some of the guys who did the first three episodes of MFT3K, so after a loooong gap in production I became the director of eps 4 and 5 and also the terrible Magic Voice that’s in one or the other of those. (“If I ever get my hands on you Duke boys…”) Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job.