Midwestern phrases I picked up from mst3k

I live in Georgia, and a few days ago as I was watching Big Bang Theory with my family I jokingly called Kelly Cuoco a “square-head”. No one else in the room had any idea what I was talking about, and as I was explaining the meaning I realized I had only ever heard Tom Servo use that term. This also applies to an insult in my lexicon which is “dickweed”, another term I’ve never heard anyone but an mst3k cast member use.
Does anyone else disseminate Midwestern slang in a place that it’s unheard of?

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Good one! The other biggies are “soda” (ie Coke), “bars” (ie brownies), “you betcha” (ie I agree) and “a little lunch” (ie lunch)

The definitive book is probably still this one:

Ooh, fancy. There’s a new addition. Mine is from 1987!