Mining Accident Theater

For a couple years I’ve been making Mining Accident Theater, in which two coal miners are trapped by a terrible accident in a mine shaft with a bunch of mysterious old film reels and a projector. It’s a premise that explains why there’s no light so I don’t have to make sets or costumes or be in the same city as the other actors, and because I have a background in audio drama. There’s brief opening and closing sketches sandwiching shorts.

There’s 5 episodes so far. The first two are slightly rough so the third, “About Fallout”, might be the best introduction point:

Just started work on the 6th (Boredom at Work II: The Search for Zest). If anybody here ever feels like doing a little riff writing or acting, I’d love to have some help. Tis not for profit, of course.


Cute, and I like the voices. That’s the one area that trips up a lot of fanvids, there’s not much personality in the voices, and the delivery can be a bit stiff. But that wasn’t an issue here. I especially liked the person who sounds like a cross between Michael Cera and Crispin Glover - a distinct, kind of laid back voice. Plus there’s some good quips (She’s cross-eyed).

As an aside, I misheard the narrator in the short as saying “We have a rape meter”, and did a double take, “The hell? Let me replay that…” Thank goodness, a “rate” meter. Phew.


That must be me (Bogdan), but I’ve never heard the Michael Cera / Crispin Glover comparison, heh. Thanks!

The rape meter should’ve been MST3K’s invention exchange for “The Hellcats”.

A while back, Rifftrax (Bridget & Mary Jo) did a short called “Boredom at Work”. Today, Mining Accident Theater #6 tackles the even more exciting sequel “Boredom at Work II: The Search for Zest”. Watch Hugh go to therapy, fondle his face in a restroom mirror, and try to rekindle his sex life by thinking about his mother.

One could also argue that it shouldn’t be in that episode, too. Like, if the movie had just a touch of class. Which it doesn’t.

I’ll check out your videos - I love fan riffing, and nothing sets it up better than a premise.

Today marks the first 3 riffer episode and my first television episode riff… of practically the first television show. It’s actually a good story, considering the severe limitations of having only 2 actors and 1 stationary camera doing a 30 minute continuous take (probably performed live?) with the director’s repurposed clipboard as the only set piece.

In case anyone feels like participating in a future episode, here’s how: Mining Accident Theater - Google Docs

Oh, and I forgot to include the playlist for all episodes: Mining Accident Theater - YouTube

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