Missing episodes

Excluding the KTMA eps, there are currently 34 episodes that are not available for purchase or rental in the Gizmoplex.

I don’t know whether there are plans to eventually bring in some of them… most of them have appeared on Shout DVD releases in the past.

I’m going to list the missing eps here along with where (if anywhere) they can be found on DVD. The Roman numerals refer to the number of the Shout DVD release.

305 Stranded In Space — XXXVI
317 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent — XXXIV
401 Space Travelers — XXXII
522 Teen-Age Crime Wave — XXXIII
524 12 To the Moon — XXXV
601 Girls Town — XXXIX
605 Colossus and the Headhunters — XXXVIII
614 San Francisco International — XXXII
615 Kitten With a Whip — XXV
704 The Incredible Melting Man — XXXVI
801 Revenge of the Creature — XXV
802 The Leech Woman — XXXVIII
803 The Mole People — XXVI
804 The Deadly Mantis — XXVII
805 The Thing That Couldn’t Die — XXIX
814 Riding With Death — XXXVI
815 Agent for H.A.R.M. — XXXIII
901 The Projected Man — 30 (seriously… three X’s in a row is banned by the forum)
910 The Final Sacrifice — XVII
1001 Soultaker — XIV
1010 It Lives By Night — 30
1012 Squirm — XXXI
1013 Diabolik — XXXIX

212 Godzilla vs. Megalon was released on volume 10 of the old Rhino DVD sets, but good luck finding (or affording) a copy… it was pulled from circulation due to rights issues and replaced with The Giant Gila Monster.

309 The Amazing Colossal Man was released on a stand-alone Rhino VHS tape, but never on DVD AFAIK.

Nine episodes have never been released in any form of home video or official streaming, and 8 of them are currently available on YouTube, as is The Amazing Colossal Man.

201 Rocketship X-M
309 The Amazing Colossal Man
311 It Conquered the World
416 Fire Maidens of Outer Space
418 Attack of the Eye Creatures
807 Terror From the Year 5000
809 I Was a Teenage Werewolf
905 The Deadly Bees
906 The Space Children

As far as I know, Godzilla vs. Megalon is available nowhere publicly unless you can get your hands on that elusive Rhino DVD. The first 15 minutes or so of 213. Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster is on YouTube but I can’t find the rest.

Let me know if I am missing anything.


Check out the Internet Archive! If I need an MST3K Godzilla fix, the Internet Archive is the hookup.


Godzilla vs. Megalon was on youtube at some point in the past but I haven’t looked for it recently.

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Rocketship X-M has never been on DVD. I’m not sure why your list includes it as one that has been. Maybe you were thinking of First Spaceship on Venus?


I wouldn’t bother with YouTube for the Godzilla episodes. The full episodes usually get taken down as quickly as they get posted.

The Internet Archive and Dailymotion are far more reliable in terms of the episodes not getting removed.


Seeing that list reminds me some of my personal favorites (Like 416 and 905) still don’t have official releases yet. Here’s to hoping for a breakthrough!


Fixed it.

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I don’t hold out hope for the Susan Hart collection (309 - The Amazing Colossal Man, 311 - It Conquered the World, 418 - Attack of the the Eye Creatures, 807 - Terror from the Year 5000, and 809 - I Was a Teenage Werewolf) getting released on DVD anytime soon. Same for Wade Williams’s pride and joy, 201 - Rocketship X-M.

BUT… if I were a gambling man (I’m not), I think there’s a possibility we COULD see the official DVD releases of 416 - Fire Maidens from Outer Space, 905 - The Deadly Bees, and 906 - The Space Children.

Dare to dream and all that.


I wouldn’t necessarily bother with YouTube now but I bothered with it (checks dates in appropriate download folder) about 4 years ago when I completed my collection aside from KTMA03. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wade Williams seriously needs to grow up and get over himself. It’s ridiculous that he lets Shout release nearly his entire catalog EXCEPT for Rocketship X-M. Nobody cares about your beloved little space movie but you, Wade. Just give them the rights already.


And it really stings since 201 is such a monumental episode in MST3K’s history. TV’s Frank introduction, Kevin Murphy takes over as Servo, the set change and so much more.


At least the full episode’s up on YouTube… for now.


Technically, Amazing Colossal Man had a home video release. It was VHS, though, so- you know- it’s been a while.


I agree that it sucks these episodes aren’t released on VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray. My usual source to watch/stream them is club-mst3k.com as they seem to be always available there.


1010 It Lives By Night — :x: :x: :x:
1010 It Lives By Night — XXX
1010 It Lives By Night — XXX

:mage: :magic_wand:

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Amazing Colossal Man was also a short lived release, as it eventually got pulled off shelves most likely due to Susan Hart. And sadly, Rhino never got to making a DVD of it like with the rest of the DVD releases.

At least with the VHS release, there’s a copy out there in higher quality than a typical tape off of Comedy Central. Also, vault tapes of Rocketship X-M and Attack of the Eye Creatures have been digitized and shared online. So, there are cleaner copies of those episodes out there too. The Eye Creatures one almost looks like a DVD release. Even if these episodes are never released to DVD, my hope is that vault copies of the rest will be found. Best Brains gave out a lot of them to fans. So, who knows what will turn up?

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Doesn’t work for me. Their streaming is choppy, slow, and erratic and the downloading from there is nonexistent. Any other ideas? Thanks.

The Internet Archive is WORTHLESS and I tried them a dozen times.

AND — it’s one of the funniest episodes of the entire series.


I held it in my hands once. It was available for rental at the local Hastings: Books Music and Video (Now out of business since all three of those things aren’t in very high demand) where I rented it more than once. If I’d known then what I know now, I would have “lost” it and paid the fee.