More buffering in the Kingadome than on streaming devices

Want to preface this by saying that I’m fully aware the Kingadome/Virtual Theater is still very much in early days. I respect Ivan’s leadership and the crew responsible for the behind-the-scenes coding and fixes.

This is NOT meant to slam the service or act as a negative reflection on my time using the Virtual Theater. Far from it - I respect the innovations the crew’s brought to the table so far. It’s truly gone beyond what I originally expected.

Here are a few of my observations from this past week’s streams:

-I’ve tried five separate methods of streaming: Roku MST3K app, Android Mobile MST3K app (Pixel 5), Android TV MST3K App (Nvidia Shield), Flinging from MST3K Mobile to Chromecast Ultra and the Kingadome/Gizmoplex Virtual Theater.

-My desktop PC is currently running Edge and is connected via Ethernet. My mobile and streaming devices are all running on my home Wifi.

-Apart from the global buffering many users experienced, I saw little to no hitches or buffers while using the Roku, Chromecast, Shield or Pixel devices.

-The Virtual Theater seemed to buffer every once in a while, kicking me out of Live mode and into DVR mode. A few times, the stream stopped and did not respond to the >| key, prompting me to refresh the Kingadome stream.

-The previously listed incident happens at least 3-4 times on average during the 3-hour stream. It’s happened every time I’ve tested the Virtual Theater (in the Backer Premieres, the General Premieres and the Tribute Episodes).

Otherwise, I’m not experiencing any incidents worth mentioning, and I also haven’t seen any error messages of any kind.

On-demand episodes have worked extremely well in the Virtual Theater so far. I’ve done my best to address the buffering in the live threads - with the exception of the global buffering I referenced, every incident I’ve mentioned above seems to be an isolated incident that doesn’t seem to affect the userbase as a whole.

I just want to be as thorough as possible here. I currently work in IT and do my best to be as descriptive as I can in my own ticketing. In that sense, I respect the work that goes in — just wanted to share my thoughts, however common or minor they may be.

Looking forward to the future of the Gizmoplex and the Virtual Theater! Hoping what I’ve brought up may help make it even better.

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