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That’s why I never made it in showbiz. If it was me getting out of the hospital I wouldn’t dare.

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There are plenty of comedians who have not only made no secret of their problems, but built comedy around them. Maria Bamford and her mental illness, for example. There’s a blind comedian in the UK named Chris McCausland who has hilarious stuff about being blind. Richard Pryor did a whole lot on his substance abuse problem after he ended up hospitalized with serious burns from trying to freebase cocaine.

A lot of comedy comes from pain.


Oh, I’m not denying that. I think I’m just superstitious. lol

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Fortunately I’ve never been superstitious. (knocks on wood)

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I’ll take this excuse to mention Rosie Jones:

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She is so damn funny. It’s a little hard to understand her sometimes, but it’s always worth figuring out what she said.

I just did a search on his Twitter and he posted on 30th Oct 22 that he had been “on a personal side trip that will keep me occupied for a while more. I’ll be back to riffing soon”.

There was certainly something up in his life last year.

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So far, the only live show I saw was the Time Bubble Tour. And let me tell ya: everyone was very funny during the show. For the next live show, I also hope to meet the cast, 'till I save enough.