More organized beta testing and feedback?

Howdy folks! I work in tech, although not in a technical role myself. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one of us who’s part of that industry, and while I’ve never done formal beta testing myself, I know a little bit about how it works.

I’m wondering if there’s a more programmatic way we could be (or already are!) providing beta test feedback? The absolute most barebones method would be to set up a spreadsheet or Google form to collect and organize bugs and suggestions including sections for operating system/setup, details of expected and actual behavior, screenshots, etc. And I’d be delighted to set this up if there’s a desire for it (especially if it has Official Blessing ™️ from our benevolent overlords).

Heck, if we wanted to get SUPER fancy we could rig up a free ClickUp or Trello instance!

Let me know what makes sense to you all, and what, if anything, we’re already doing on this front. I’m excited to help make the Gizmoplex as great as it can be!