Mostly Unimportant Member Pass Episode Number Thing

Not sure if this is specific to my Gizmoplex Member Pass Firefox/Mac combination, but the thumbnails in a browser each list the length of the episode in the lower-left, which blocks the episode number in the host icon (also in the lower-left). If an episode is unfinished the progress bar also blocks it.

Obviously not a huge deal since the name of the ep is right there, but it’s a little bit of a nit I chose to pick today. Huzzah!

Anyway, maybe those icons could go upper left or right?

File this under “When We’re Done Fixing Real Problems Maybe We’ll Look Into It.”


This is on the VHX site, I assume?

This is what I see, and yeah, it is blocked. (Windows using Chrome)


Ya. That’s it. Not sure why I didn’t consider attaching a screen shot…

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Okay. we’re on the same page. Go ahead and add a vote up there at the top. @ivan’s team is alerted to issues/requests based on the number of votes received. Since it’s VHX, I’m not sure what options they have to fix it, but at least they will be aware of it.

It is, to this day just now, a feature request still pending: