Movie Jo Night - The Day My Kid Went Punk

In anticipation of the next upcoming episode of The Mary Jo Pehl Show, join original Mystery Science Theater 3000 writer & cast member Mary Jo Pehl as she watches a never-before-seen-by-her movie, along with YOU, on Twitch!

This month’s movie: ABC Afterschool Special: THE DAY MY KID WENT PUNK (1987)

THIS EVENT WILL NOT BE RECORDED OR OFFERED AS A DOWNLOAD FOR LATER. The only way to watch this event will be to watch the live broadcast on Tuesday, January 4 @ 8pm ET / 7pm CT.

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It stars also that one old piano guy from Fame.

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I hope some fan is grabbing the feed. I did that with the KS livestreams, but I’m not on Twitch so I won’t be kiping these.

It’s not likely since the riffing will be improv, but I hope there’s at least one reference to this “punk” ad.

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Spoiler alert: As much as you’re hoping it is, that isn’t Sean Astin.

“My dad’s the Love Boat doctor so down with the fascists! California über alles! I’m gonna set my hair with glue and use safety pins to put skeletons and $h!# all over my band sweaters. Mom’ll dig it; she used to live in the Amityville house so she’s down.”