Movie Jo Night with Mary Jo Pehl - INVISIBLE INVADERS


A movie watching party wherein Mary Jo knows nothing - ABSOLUTELY NUTHIN’ - about the movie: She’s never heard of it, never seen it, refrain from doing any research - at most, maybe she’s see an image of the lobby card. She’s goin’ in cold and you’re comin’ along! This month, y’all chose “Invisible Invaders”. It’s easy. It’s fun.
Tune in! 8 Eastern; 7 Central; 6 Mountain; 5 Pacific!
Tune in here:

Get your FREE ticket here: Movie Jo Night with Mary Jo Pehl | This month’s movie: INVISIBLE INVADERS Tickets, Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 8:00 PM | Eventbrite


Invisible Invaders sounds like the name of an educational short on germs.


Gosh darn it! (I’m trying to cut back)

I didn’t realize that I needed to grab a ticket and when I tried to subscribe on twitch, I ended up with a new phone app, account, and a livestream of the afterparty.

Is it archived somewhere or am I boned?

Sometimes Twitch can be a bit confusing and I am not sure what purpose Mary Jo’s “reservation” thing serves. To watch live you just need to be a follower of her channel. To watch replays you need to be a subscriber of her channel. You can also download the video from the dumb industries website for $3.99 a show (Digital Downloads — Store — Dumb Industries)

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Mary Jo Nights aren’t downloadable, but her show is, but yeah, twitch was frustrating, but I eventually was able to subscribe to her channel and can watch the replays.

Always thought this movie would be a good fit for a riffing - and I like the cast, Carradine and Agar of course, but you also have Slime People’s Robert Hutton and Jean Bryon, who played Patty Dukes mother on her tv series and was briefly married to Michael Ansara.

While there were hiccups with sound and video (sometimes I could barely hear what MJ was saying), she got in a few good lines…

“He’s invisible except for the sleep apnea”