MOVIE JO NIGHT with Mary Jo Pehl TONIGHT "The Snoop Sisters"

TONIGHT is Movie Jo Night and an episode “The Snoop Sisters”!
Unrehearsed. Unscripted. Unbefore-seen (by MJ, leastways). Unmanageable. Twitch

Oh… and a big, exciting announcement involving an exciting event and place and people! Don’t miss it!!

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For those curious…


I’ll have to check this out.

My mom used to watch this show - one episode featured Alice Cooper, and when she watched it, she thought he was pretty cool (she loved scary movies, so a scary Alice was alright with her.) At a time when Alice outraged some parents, mine would give me A.C. albums for Christmas… and I might have the Snoop Sisters to thank for that, lol

BTW, I found his appearance here

Alice Cooper - The Snoop Sisters (The Devil Made Me Do It! broadcast March 5th 1974) on Vimeo

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Oh, man. I’m sorry I’m going to have to miss this. I probably watched this episode when it first aired on (say it with me) The NBC Mystery Movie.

Just for why nots, here’s Helen Hayes and Vincent Price the first time they starred together, on Broadway in Victoria Regina.