Movie really quiet in The Mask 2D & 3D

I’ve watched The Mask 2D, and 3d, on both my Roku and my computer. It seems like the riffs are loud and clear, but it’s really difficult to hear the film dialogue behind it unless I crank the volume to the point that Jonah & Bots are much too loud. Anyone have tips on how to balance the tracks a little better, or will that have to wait until I can download it?


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This audio issue has been raised by many viewers and was addressed in the livestream aftershow by Matt and Joel. It will be remixed and a new version will be available by the time the episode is downloadable, which is two weeks after it premiered. Hopefully sooner, but by then at the latest.


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As for advice, until the download (or an earlier fix) is available, try headphones, a few members have mentioned that it was better with phones on (myself included, I watched it that way on my laptop - while not perfect, I was able to hear the film)


That’s good because I was really enjoying the riffs!


Thanks for the info - I admit I didn’t listen to the livestream, and so missed the update. I’ll look for the remixed versions soon!


I hope you enjoy them, too!

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Movie’s volume is low… Riff’s volume normal. So it’s hard to understand what’s going on. We stopped watching this MST so it’s not ruined by this discrepancy. Is there any chance this will be corrected?

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As has been mentioned in this thread, the production team is aware of the sound issue and it will be corrected by the time the final version is ready to download at the end of the week.