Movie suggestions for future MST3K episodes

Perhaps add a forum for movie suggestions. It could provide a head start when determining future seasons. Here’s a suggestion: Navy vs. The Night Monsters.


I think this could be a topic under the #this-category-is-the-place-to-discuss-all-things-directly-related-to-mystery-science-theater-3000-including-all-eras-of-the-tv-series-and-the-live-tours category would be great, but you can go create that there.


That would be full quickly. It makes up the bulk of my watch list.

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This is the kind of thread that I think should be ever-green, because there’s always going to be new movies to suggest.

Our watch group last night encountered C.H.O.M.P.S, the only live-action movie Hanna-Barbera ever made. Conrad Bain, the dad from Diff’rent Strokes, owns a home security company (actually called Norton Security) that employs an inventor who’s created a robot dog that responds to commands given as numbers, like “22” and “43.” It doesn’t distinguish between who said them, which would seem to be a major flaw in the system, and “100” is the command to “jump at whoever gave the command and knock them down,” a gag that’s played off too many times.

There’s also a big neighborhood dog who gets his comeuppance at the paws of the fake dog (its thoughts voiced by what seems to be Fred Flintstone), a real dog that looks just like it because otherwise they can’t be humorously mixed up later, and omnipresent incidental music in the Hanna-Barbera style. I think, despite its ostensibly being a comedy, that it’d be perfect riff fodder.

My riffing group stumbled across one on Tubi recently we agreed was the worst movie we’d ever seen…

… until I sought out the sequel the next day.

The Leprechaun’s Game/The Leprechaun’s Curse.

And may the gods of Erin have mercy upon you if you try to watch these.

I’m honestly amazed they haven’t done Bloodfreak yet. To those unaware, it’s a deadly serious anti-drug film, complete with the director occasionally interrupting to just shout the message right in your face (while smoking and coughing, which is just amazing), and the story it chooses to deliver that message is drugs turning a guy into a were-turkey. In case you’re struggling to visualize that:

The fanvid series B-Movie Central 5000 did. But, considering Starcrash and Robot Wars, that’s no reason for MST3K not to. They might not because half the movie is people doing drugs on screen.

The funny thing is we already have two other forum threads dedicated to this very topic.


Looks like this one is a suggestion for a special zone for such conversations.

That’s a problem with a lot of old movies. The Toxic Avenger series has onscreen drug use, sex acts, sexual assault, rape, murder, and more.