Movies/Shorts that felt like children of others.

Weird title I know, but let me explain. I was talking one time to a friend of mine in Germany who was going through all the DVD sets of the show (he had to pause cause of job issues), and we got to the episode “The Violent Years”. We pretty much agreed that “The Violent Years” felt like it was if “I Accuse My Parents” and “What About Juvinile Delinquency” had a daughter.

Any other movies you can think of that are like this that the show did? And no, not counting sequels like any Gamera movie or the continuations of Master Ninja and Fugitive Alien.


The Last Chase is the obvious descendant of Hired!

[vroom vroom!! Mass transit is oppressing meeeee…]


A Day At The Fair and Junior Rodeo Daredevils begat Johnny At The Fair.

And it never woulda happen without that old timer Billy Slater.


Night of the Blood Beast is the squatter, lamer sibling of It Conquered the World, from Roger Corman’s squatter, lamer sibling Gene. Terror from the Year 5000 is the same basic plot with a time traveler instead of an alien.