Movies that Need to be Riffed by the MST3K Gang


How about Morgan the Pirate from 1961? This stars Steve Reeves (of Hercules fame) as the pirate Henry Morgan. Who knew that 17th century pirates looked like bodybuilders?


Where Time Began was a 1977 Spanish/Italian film adaptation of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. It’s a pretty bad film with its opening credits set to black & white film clips, giant killer turtles and that strange logo at the beginning for the Independent Picture Show Company.


So I don’t know how anyone feels about Paul Naschy movies, but there is one I watched on YouTube called Vengeance of the Zombies. Now, this might be a bit graphic for MST3K, not sure, but its definitely a cheesy Spanish horror flick, which female undead zombies that look like Barbara Streisand and Mona Lisa.


Shout Factory obtained the rights to it, but I am not sure if they still have them. It’s definitely a yawner to sit through, in my opinion.



Not a movie, but I so hope some of the new shorts this season are 90’s information films about computers and the internet and whatnot, those are absolute comedy goldmines


If such a thing you’re looking for, longtime MST3K fans Isle of Rangoon riffed this slice of 90’s Canadian computer cheese (so it’s EXTRA square!) recently:


In case anyone here hasn’t seen it, RiffTrax did The Kids Guide to the Internet and it is a slice of fried gold.




That video of Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry talking about Windows 95.


Was surfing Amazon Prime’s videos that are automatically included and came across absolute GOLD.


Featuring some of the worst acting, camera work, and special effects since Birdemic. Judging by the trailer anyway. If this doesn’t get riffed by either MST3K or Rifftrax they are MISSING OUT.


There’s one genre I want to see more of on MST3K - WESTERNS!

We only got about 4 of them on the series. We had Gunslinger, Last of the Wild Horses and the Painted Hills on the original series plus the Beast of Hollow Mountain during the revival.

How about some of the poorer quality Spaghetti Westerns of the 1970s and early 1980s? By that time, the subgenre turned away from the gritty Sergio Leone pieces to more comical work like the Trinity duology with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.

Buddy Goes West from 1981 would be a good pick. I’m sure the rascally Bud Spencer would provide good fodder for Jonah and the bots.


The show was very close to getting the Elvis Presley western Charro! during the original run. CharroElvis


Oh, oh wow… that cover is a treasure… I’d actually love to see MST3K do some 80’s flicks like that.


Mutilations (1986) feels very much like a MSTie. From its attempt to be campy but falling short and being plain bad instead, to stop motion sequences that took way too much time and effort. Only thing is it’s too gory in places. The bizarre tonal shifts just add to the (un)enjoyment. It appears to be the only movie Larry Thomas ever made. Not sure if it’s PD but it’s on YouTube.


The Cool Ones!! (1967, dir. Gene Nelson) With Roddy McDowall &…um…well…a cameo from 1960s novelty singer Mrs. Miller?


I recently subjected a group of friends to this film, & every single one of them was violently upset by the end of the movie. Their blurbs for the DVD cover would be:

“What are we even watching right now??”

“I’m sorry, what in God’s name is going on with those socks??”

“That’s it. Palm Springs is ruined forever.”

“I’m begging you, please, PLEASE turn this off.”

Watching the SoL gang get through even one number of this inexplicably awful musical would be GOLD.


Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989)

Along with the usual gang from the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman TV shows was a young Sandra Bullock. This was going to be the springboard for a spinoff series featuring her as the Bionic Girl. This, fortunately, did not happen.

I vaguely remember seeing it on TV when it first aired. Ever since I saw it again on the Sci-Fi channel in the late 90s I’ve been hoping that it would get an MST3K treatment because I’m a huge Sandra Bullock fan. I got my chance to make it a reality by turning it into a Rifftrax by entering it in the Rifftrax Remix Contest back in 2011. Contestants used riffs from “just-the-riffs” audio files (that are meant be synched with big-budget movies) and then mixed them with any video. I worked long and hard on my entry, “Bionic Showdown In Canada,” and I won first prize! I was so happy. It was a labor of love.

I edited the original movie down to the 45 minutes that exclusively focused on Sandra Bullock’s subplot. I added a ton of fake film grain and damage to make it look like a terrible telecine transfer. Because it was so long I had to upload it into four or five videos on YouTube. Several years later several of them were taken down because of copyright but I never bothered to contest them. I’ve been meaning to upload the entire thing as one YouTube video but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

For now, here is a 15-minute condensed version that I uploaded as a privately shared video:


Honestly, and despite it being shown on Comedy Central as part of some special thing Comedy Central did back in the day along with the MST eps “Amazing Colossal Man” and “War of the Colossal Beast”…I’m surprised that “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” was never done on the show.

Nowadays you could do either the original 50s version or the 1993 version with Daryl Hannah.

If you want more recent, there was “Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader”

…and if they could get around the nudity in it, the even cheesier “Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold”.

And to get away from giant woman movies, 1981’s Excalibur with Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart.


Ankle Biters, a movie about midget vampires which could have been awesome except that the “filmmakers” didn’t play up the camp aspect and did it as a “serious” movie.


Anything to with their show. I hate to betray my demographic but I don’t like it. Never did.

[ETA- I relent slightly to say that I enjoyed Jennifer Anniston in Office Space , even if she didn’t have that much to do.]


Father Binding Polymer Mulcahy has entered the chat!! <3


Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Though I guess that’s more of one Rifftrax would do than MST3K.