Movies that Need to be Riffed by the MST3K Gang

Since it’s pretty unlikely they could acquire the rights to do that, would you settle for a Day The Earth Stood Still ripoff made with about one quarter of the budget and one tenth of the good as the original?

I couldn’t sleep last night and watched this for the first time. It’s not quite a B movie; more like a C+ movie at best. It does have a couple of stars in Patricia Neal (from the original TDTESS) and Helmut Dantine. Lots of scene padding and some bare bones direction from Burt Balaban. I know they don’t want to do B&W or non widescreen movies on MST anymore, but maybe the Mads or Rifftrax could tackle this one.

I’ll even provide the first riff for the first five seconds of the movie:


Greeeeeeeeeen Acres is the place to be!


They did do The Mask, so B&W films are once again a possibility.