Movies that Need to be Riffed by the MST3K Gang

I tried watching this the other night, but fell asleep about 40 minutes in.

Should they wish to take another shot at Herc, this one seems ripe with possibilities. Star “Rock Stevens” is none other than Peter Lupus (still alive at age 91! Who knew?), so there would be all kinds of Mission Impossible jokes available.





OMG! At first I thought the announcer said, “From the cook who brought you…” and I was thinking of someone saying, “So we’ll take this stale The Descent crust, pack it with budget Lou Gossett, Jr., add an on-vacation Dark Angel stunt double and some The Exorcist action figures, sprinkle with leftover video game peelings and dot with some garage-level Goblin which was already dated 20 years ago, bake 90 minutes…”

And yeah. Like Demon Squad, the film company Put A Bird On It ™, so how could we go wrong?! :partying_face:

One guy in this has a reaction just like the hypnotized guy in Operation 007, the one where he leaps off the table, crashes through the glass window and attacks Thanatos.

But yeah, this film is like: “welcome to our super-secret place that seems suspicious and presided over by an old man…but hey, we don’t really have any evil plans…what a twist!”

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So bonkers bad I spent about half the movie with my jaw on the floor.
A US-European venture, it is a mess from beginning to end, and somehow manages to also be derivative of Indiana Jones. Also it was filmed for the early 1980s 3D movie craze, so has weird out of focus stuff flying at the camera at odd times.

You WILL find yourself asking “WTBLEEP JUST HAPPENED?!” a lot, and it won’t be because the movie is blowing your mind.


Their weapon is banality and song.

Was talking with someone recently about old TV shows and the topic turned to the Summer filler stuff, mostly failed pilots…

This got me to hit Google and I think I found a few that I remember?

“Infiltrator” looks promising? I think I may have actually seen that one?

I wonder if MST3K could get the rights to riff some of the old CBS Summer Playhouse pilots?

I mean, repackaged TV shows aren’t exactly a new thing for MST3K, but have they ever taken an episode or two and done their own repackaging?

Do the General Hospital shorts count?


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They’ve done at least one movie length pilot if that’s in the general area of what you’re asking on the first question. Stranded in Space was a failed 1973 NBC feature length pilot.


Not a movie, but I’d like MST3K or Rifftrax to riff on whatever episodes of the '70s megaflop Supertrain. I think Rifftrax referenced it while riffing on the Star Wars Holiday Special.


Not necessarily a historically bad movie, so to speak, but Sergio Corbucci’s Super Fuzz (1980) is one of those Pumaman-esque, incomprehensible Italian superhero movies that was a huge staple of HBO in its early years.

A cast and director known primarily for Spaghetti Westerns doing a comedic superhero movie? An iconic theme song from Italodisco icons La Bionda? Extremely silly set pieces only the Italian genre cinema of the late 70’s-early 80’s can provide? Count me in.


How about the Assassination Bureau from 1969 with Diana Rigg, Oliver Reed, Telly Savalas and Curd Jurgens?

Based on the novel by Jack London and Robert L. Pike, this movie adaptation is more lighthearted. It features Diana Rigg as a nosey reporter who investigates the titular bureau.

Of course, the scene I liked most was the characters visiting a bordello - there was plenty of eye candy. :slight_smile: :smiley:


After watching “Kingdom of the Spiders”, I tuned into “the Bees” (1978) from Roger Corman’s New World Pictures.

This shlockfest needs to be screened for MST3K!

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So I, thanks to Bluesky, have found out about a little film called Grandma Werewolf.

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Opening credits joke: “Curd Jurgens? His patents WANTED him to be beat up as a kid”

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It’s on Prime Video right now. DO yourself a favor, WATCH. Young Josh Brolin. Early Red Hot Chili Peppers (music clearing might be an issue). Perfectly cliched plot. Good clean(ish) fun. So many moments where the riffs practically write themselves.

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The House That Dripped Blood (Amicus, 1971) visibly low budget horror anthology featuring some very notable names (Cushing! Lee! Pertwee!) and a script by Robert Bloch. That said, the first two stories are listless, cranky affairs. The last two stories are campy as hell but WAY more fun due in no small part to the performers (particularly Pertwee) hamming it up beautifully.

This would make a fine Halloween episode. :jack_o_lantern:

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Having an anthology film on the show would be neat.


I saw this on TV as a pup, but don’t remember much about it. (And it was probably a babysitter who switched it on. Our folks didn’t like us to watch anything more violent than Looney Tunes. lol.)


It’s not a very violent film….the House itself never actually drips blood. :thinking::drop_of_blood::grinning:

Sort of like how the film PROPHECY contains no prophecies, just gooey, skinless mutant bears.