Movies That Solve Themselves

If you’ve ever watched “The Big Bang Theory” there is a scene in which Amy ruins “Raiders of the Lost Ark” by saying: “Indiana Jones plays no role in the outcome of the story. If he weren’t in the film, it would turn out exactly the same.”

That got me thinking; how many other movies are out there that could solve itself?

I started thinking of this while watching the classic MST3K “Cry Wilderness.” It seems like it would have been the same outcome (minus the hunter being killed) if Bigfoot never intervened and caused all the problems.

Edit: Not dissing on Raiders, I love that movie. Just my brain recalling random things.


I wish I could remember which movie I saw recently (may have even been a MST3K episode) where the main character does nothing but walk around trying to figure out what is going on without ever succeeding in that goal. There may be dozens of films matching this vague description, but I do have a specific one in mind. If I figure it out, I’ll update this post.


The Loves of Hercules - not that Herc wasn’t important to his own film, but I found it weird that the expected showdown between hero and villain didn’t materialize. Instead some random thing popped up out of the blue to deal with the baddie for him.

(Unless that random thing was teased in a cut scene, it made for an anit-climactic finish… the pay off was supposed to be Herc vs Jerk, not Herc vs Creature that killed jerk)


I didn’t plan on hearing that entire Collider piece in Comic Book Guy’s voice when I read it … it just happened.



Hah! I read it after your comment and that made it so :slight_smile: Not sure I’d ever run across the quote from that article: “Movies are machines that generate empathy”
But it’s totally hilarious in the context of MST3K. The bulk of our films genuinely destroy any pathway to empathy until the riffs invite us in! There’s the magic of MST3K in a nutshell


Ha, me too.

All that stuff and nonsense over a joke, it was only a joke Collider, you should really just… well you know, relax.


What do you expect from a Hercules movie where the damsel gets top billing?


Insomnia has murdered my brain, so I’m not sure how to respond, was that a rhetorical question, a stab at humor? :man_shrugging:

I gather I expected Herc to do his Herc thing? And Jayne Mansfield was the bigger star, so it doesn’t surprise me that she got top billing. Like Brando got top billing in Superman.

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The Nice Guys. Watched recently and noted that the two protagonists had almost no affect on the outcome.


Monster a-Go Go has to be the canonical example. The movie’s over, the monster’s gone for no reason, and having nothing to do with anything the “heroes” did.