Movies you believe need to be riffed?

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And then he pissed it all away by badmouthing the movie and director to do a couple of sequels that Rifftrax covered that were original movies for THE MOVIE CHANNEL!

Even Showtime said, “No thanks. Let’s give it to our poor man’s Cinemax.”


Just saw this released on disc by the Found Footage guys. It’s a pretty short movie, but hey-- perfect time for more General Hospital oh please oh pleeeease…


Ooh! I want to see it! What movie is it?

On behalf of Carrot Top, OUCH! Yes, he’s more terrifying than a clown, but that’s just mean. Nobody mocks you over your big head. At least I don’t think so. Probably not. At least nobody you know does.


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Just became awAre of this little gem.



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How about this Driver’s Ed short that I saw during Driver’s Ed class (UFO - Unrestrained Flying Objects) - UNRESTRAINED FLYING OBJECTS GENERAL MOTORS SEATBELT FILM 79894z - YouTube

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Dear Universe,

You win. I quit.


Gustav Longtorso


Ghost Source Zero. Co-written by Larry Hama (wrote the original GI Joes comic for Marvel) and Mark Cheng (made a GI Joe Fan Film - Operation: Red Retrieval)

Made with love and 4 rolls of duct tape.

Top IMDB review:

A source of zero quality

Disclaimer: I play a small part in this.


After watching Warrior of the Lost World again for Turkey Day, it made me think this film would be fantastic if there was a crappy English dub for it! Kamikaze 89!


I know usually Halmark movies are too predictable to be riffed…

but there’s apparently a Halmark Movie with Bruce Campbell…

Using a highly complex mathematic formula (Bruce Campbell + Anything = 20% cooler)

I can determine that this needs to be seen…

(There’s also this movie called Breaking and Exiting, about a robber who finds a lady trying to off herself in the bathtub, and then he just kinda moves into the house Which in a shamalan like twist, isn’t even the lady’s house… it’s her abusive ex boyfriend’s that’s also extremely bizarre and riffable, but it’s also got a lot of F-bombs and some skoodilypooping, so it might be better for Rifftrax)

The Adventures of Galgameth.

Not only is is pure, pure 90’s fantasy medieval cheese, the background behind the movie is insane.

Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine ?

Has that been riffed? Vincent Price in full ham mode and lots of lassies running around in bikinis. It’s actually kinda fun, though.


Depends on how much of a comedy it is.

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Edit: I thought of another one that’s got that same weird vibe as Breaking and Exiting…

It’s called Christmas is Cancelled… It’s about a girl who’s High School Frenemy is dating her dad, so she decides to ruin christmas for her

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Most people: Pineapple Express is the first weed action movie.
Me, an intellectual:

That cameo in the beginning of Pineapple couldn’t be a more obvious passing of the torch.


Not to step on your meme (and I’m very shaky on my drug movies) but wasn’t the “weed action” movie already well-established when Easy Rider came out? Seems like a lot of the biker movies could qualify.

And then…Reefer Madness has a hit-and-run. And then there’s Assassin of Youth (1938).

(Sorry. My geekdar goes off when someone says “the first…” anything.)

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No, not a Shrek reboot. A bunch of dorky metalheads attempt to summon the spirit of Nazi Max Shreck (yes Count Orlock) via a fake summoning and get more than what they wanted.

It’s awful, but a good laugh.

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The filmography of Neil Breen is wild: Neil Breen - IMDb

His IMDB bio: Neil Breen - Biography - IMDb

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