MST 3k: the Movie part 2?

A lot of people draw comparisons to Rifftrax and their economic model. I personally don’t think that’s 1 to 1 comparison given the differences in production, but I understand the idea.

That said, it DID give me an idea. I’m wondering the economic viability and sustainability of MST 3k basically having a once a year crowdfunding event to create a movie, then have that movie streamed to theatres via Fathom Events.

So imagine a single, live show would be crowdfunded and that show is then sent to theatres around the country.

In this way I’m kind of imagining they would do what they did with the last live tour (very stripped down in terms of production) but instead of traveling around the country, they have it in one location, performed live in front of a crowd, while transmitting it to theaters. Basically taking a page from the Rifftrax model, while also incorporating things they were already doing.

Obviously it’s not creating new seasons worth of content each year, but it WOULD create something new while keeping energy and awareness of the brand alive.

  • Yes I would support backing this model.
  • No I would not
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I also think that would open the ability for more people to see it as some complaints about the live tour we’re that it wasn’t playing in areas that fans could get to.

What do you think sits?


I like this idea, but the fact that RiffTrax has gone from a high of four Fathom shows a year down to just one makes me wonder how much Fathom wants to be in the broadcasting live riffs business?

This year the RiffTrax show won’t even be live in theaters, it will have been recorded a few days earlier in front of a live crowd. Maybe that would be a more realistic approach. The fact that they already have 7 live shows written means they could work through that backlog. Though I suspect they might want to update some references and possibly work Kinga and Max into the host segments.

According to Box Office Mojo, which has limited info on the RiffTrax Live shows, they top out at about $400,000 per Fathom broadcast. I suspect MST3K would do a bit more based on name recognition, but would it be enough after Fathom and theaters took a cut?

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Yes! Wonder if I could be an intern on that, like I was on the first movie! They’d have to do it in MN again…maybe they wont…well, I can dream! :slightly_smiling_face:

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:thinking: I don’t know. Once a year is a long time to wait between installations. But maybe if it was fleshed out with periodic shorts, updates, other small online bonus events…?


Yeah. Rifftrax can get away with doing one “live” show a year because they are pumping out other content pretty much weekly.

A once-per-year only thing doesn’t seem as sustainable, IMO.


I support the idea. But a couple of caveats:

  1. the people on this forum are going to be biased to vote for it. We are a heavily selected group of fanboys (and girls).

  2. I would donate less for a movie than a season. Prior to this last season attempt, I would consider donating $300-600. After this past year, the max I would think to spend on an entire season is <$100–for an entire season. For a single episode, maybe $25.

  3. And I want physical media, because I don’t count on an online format staying around for more than 5 years.


All really, really good points and things to consider!

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No, I wouldn’t want this for MST. I already have it with RiffTrax. Why have two teams doing basically the same thing?

I would support a shorter “season”, such as what they had planned for the original season 14. Six regular episodes and six shorts (so some sort of content every month) seems a good compromise from the viewer’s perspective. (though, of course, more is always better! :slight_smile: )

The question is, would that be an economically viable option from a filming stand point?


I appreciate altering the model. I feel like changing the game is how the franchise stays fresh. But I think MST3k kind of needs a series. That said, if they did it, I would pay.


I’d support it if…

… if it were the only way to get any new MST3K.

But, if there’s literally any other option to move forward, would prefer a full season and/or another live tour?


Now I want to also see the bots riff video games. Would work well in a clueless gamer fashion. Or as a video game review.

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And feel excluded from both because none of y’all broadcast outside of the United States?


I would be fine funding a movie every year. Wouldn’t have to be a live event either, I just want any future MST3k projects to definitely be released on physical media.

One of my biggest gripes about the live tours is that they (apparently) were not filmed. My wife and I run a busy schedule and we were never really available to make any of the shows. I know I’m not alone in that. I firmly believe they left some decent money on the table not filming a performance from any given tour and releasing that in some capacity for the folks who couldn’t make it, not to mention the folks that could make it but who enjoyed the show and might wanna watch it again later at some point.

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They didn’t film the live shows because they didn’t get the filming/distribution rights.

And as I understand it, that was an intentional choice. They wanted the live tour to be something special. Just like if you miss any other theatrical tour when it comes near you, you don’t (normally) have the opportunity to just watch it later at home.


I’ve no particular interest in a live event as opposed to filmed, but anything beats nothing. I’d support it as long as there was a way to watch it without having to be there in person.


I know it was an intentional choice and that they were going for something special. I still think that particular choice wasn’t the best. This is a show that has developed a passionate fan base specifically because its episodes are very enjoyable and rewarding to watch over and over again. We love this because of how many jokes and references might sail by us the first time. To create brand new content and have it be a situation of “well if you missed it the one time, too bad” is just not an ideal choice for something like MST3k. I understand Gorgo only ran once on its original broadcast because there was a misunderstanding over the movie rights. I assume we are all glad they didn’t scrap the master tapes of that episode after that one and only TV airing, right? Some live shows are what they are and if you missed it you missed it, but I don’t agree with that mindset for something like MST3k. That’s also why I am glad RiffTrax records their live performances, if at all possible.


The reduction was RT’s idea, not Fathom’s.

I’m not sure about this idea. Not categorically opposed, but overall, the main issue is that one movie a year means that, if they pick a movie you have zero interest in, you either take it or get nothing. I don’t always give to the RT Live shows if the movie they pick isn’t one I care to see. It would be the same MST3K, but the difference is that there are other RT offerings to choose from and, in this model, there wouldn’t be for MST3K.