MST Alive 1992

Lesley or Ivan,

Should you see this topic thread, I’m wondering, does Joel know if Best Brains ever recorded a copy of their very first live show (featuring “World Without End”)?

If so, I’m sure it could never be released, so this is more just a question of if there is actually an archived copy someplace.

To the rest of the forum, was anyone there back in 1992 and saw their first live riff of a movie?

Any memories or thoughts you could share?

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It is the world without end. Yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started riffing it not knowing what it was. And they’ll continue riffing it forever just because. It is the world without end.


The MST3K Rarities Archive channel on Youtube used to have a fan-recorded video of the second half, which apparently was copyright-struck (presumably because of the film itself?) and now the description contains links to and Google Drive. I haven’t tried them. [REDIRECT] MST3K - MST ALIVE! '92 - World Without End (SECOND HALF ONLY) - YouTube

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Yeah, that’s what made me wonder if Best Brains had ever videotaped the show themselves, or if that fan recording was the only trace of that event in existence.