MST Gift Pass Exchange

Welcome to the Gizmoplex Gift Pass exchange. This is a post where members of the forum may offer to assist their fellow fans in accessing the Gizmoplex content.

  • If you are willing/able to help fellow MSTies pay for passes to the Gizmoplex, you can add your name below. Please be aware that by adding your name to this list, you are willing to allow members to contact you through the forum’s private message system. The post is a wiki, so you can remove your name at any time.

  • If you are in need of assistance obtaining a pass to access the Gizmoplex, the members listed below are willing to discuss options with you through the forum PM system. Simply click on a name and you will see a blue box where you can send a message.

  • A note to new forum members: You must be Trust Level 1 through the Discourse software in order to use the PM feature. This means you will need to spend some time exploring and interacting to raise your Trust Level sufficiently to allow you to PM users. This feature is to prevent anyone from taking unfair advantage of people’s generosity.

Please DO NOT discuss the particulars of your pass exchange in any areas of the forum including this thread.

All transactions as to the type of pass, the exchange of codes, and/or of thanks should be conducted only through private message or email.

The Alternaversal team and forum staff offer the Gift Pass exchange as a courtesy for members who wish to assist their fellow MSTies voluntarily. However, forum admins DO NOT provide any additional framework or support for such transactions (for example, we do not provide any dispute tracking or claim investigation). All transactions are undertaken at your own risk.


Here is your Wiki Post for those volunteering to help fellow fans access content in the Gizmoplex.

Remember that all transactions need to be conducted through PM (including the exchange of email addresses).

Thank you for your generosity in helping fellow fans!

Edit below to add your name

Please do not add any posts beyond this one in this topic (in order to keep this wiki post visible). Address any questions you have through a private message to the volunteers listed above. Thanks!