MST Hour: The Return?

As I ponder what offerings might be found on the Gizmoplex, (and my own hope that it may be able to expand its content), I wonder if people would like to see a return of the MST Hour?

Imagine being able to stream the original hour long episodes with the Jack Perkins like intro and outro in place.

And, if one wanted to be ambitious, since this season was shot green screen, one might equally consider making NEW episodes of the hour long show.

Obviously Mike will not be returning, but perhaps a different host might be created for new episodes?

I myself like the idea of having that as an offering. If you didn’t have time for a full episode, watch half and then the other half.

What do y’all think?

  • Yes! I’d like to see the MST Hour on the Gizmoplex.
  • No. I don’t think this is needed really.
  • I’m indifferent to the MST Hour.

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Those would be great to have in the vault. The original “Hour” segments, I mean.

Flipping it around, I’d be fine if MST wanted to follow in the footsteps of RT and the Mads and devote a whole episode to just shorts.


You’ve got the question as a vote possibility, which seems to be confusing some people.


Not confusing me, I just can’t pass up the chance to vote for the question.


I’m OK with the idea of including the original Hour episodes (or at least the bumpers) as extras. Heck, I’d love to see the original Rhino/Shout documentary special features included, for that matter.

I’m not so sure I see a real-world use case for making new Hour episodes, since the whole reason MST Hour existed was to give Best Brains a way to syndicate the show to stations that couldn’t make room on the schedule for a two-hour show. And really, in the age of streaming if you don’t have time to watch a whole episode you can just watch in bites and nobody can stop you.


The role of MST Hour is being played by hosted live events.


The live events will eventually just be recorded and available, right?

My overall point is this could be a different piece of content that can be released and available in the library.

The way that shorts are now their own, separately released item. Something I won’t be able to find on let’s say YouTube, Tubi, etc.

I’m of the mindset the more content options that exist, the more likely to draw in connections and hopefully subscribers to the Gizmoplex.

It won’t happen, but the same way I’d love to be able to have things like “The Mads” available there, or “Hanging with Dr Z”.

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Everyone loves to speculate about Mike returning this season…but Mike returning as Jack Perkins???



HAHAHAH! I did not even mean to imply that as an option, but I love your response.


I think it could be funny to create a new host, based on James Lipton, to run the MST Hour.

That could also be a hilarious intro bit to a new small series of “shorts”.

Just my thoughts.


Perhaps something like a montage/highlight reel? Thinking along the lines of the “Why We Love It” from the official YouTube channel.