MST3K All-Star Team — The episodes

Thought it’d be interesting to create the ultimate MST3K season. Just like the MLB All-Star Game where every team is represented, I’d love to see your 12 episode season compiled of your favorite from season 1-12. Here’s my team:

Season 1: Robot Holocaust (In a season where it felt like they were still finding their groove, an all-time episode with all-time riffs)

Season 2: King Dinosaur (It was the first episode I saw, so it’s my favorite. Although Catalina Caper to me is the funniest of this season)

Season 3: Pod People (Too obvious? Maybe. But it could be considered the Mickey Mantle of episodes)

Season 4: Manos (See above. The Hank Aaron of episodes)

Season 5: Eegah (Mitchell takes to Twitter to express frustration that it was snubbed)

Season 6: The Skydivers (I feel it’s the most boring film they’ve ever riffed and they made it an all-time classic. Total All-Star material just for that)

Season 7: Night Of The Blood Beast (My favorite out of a short season)

Season 8: Space Mutiny ( “Have you signed Sherry’s birthday card?” “Fridge Largemeat”)

Season 9: The Final Sacrifice (The Babe Ruth of episodes?)

Season 10: Girl In Gold Boots (Tough season to choose. I pretty much love every episode. This narrowly edges out others for great host segments and introducing Yak Boy as a name I can call people)

Season 11: The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t (Prune song got stuck in my head for weeks)

Season 12: Mac And Me (Pretty Nice!!!)

So what have you got for your All-Star MST3K Team?


Looks like that was episodes that haven’t been riffed yet. 13 episodes of new films.


Correct you are! Sorry about that, topics are coming in faster than I can read them now!


This is what the Not March Madness polls are aiming to scientifically prove by weight of 40-60 odd votes per matchup! (;


Cool. I’ll delete. The March Madness polls are going to knock out my favorites. This was a way for people to post their favorite from each season even if they are not the most popular. Rather than a consensus, it was giving people the opportunity to put together their dream list regardless if everyone else liked a different episode.


I say keep it, this one is more personal. We’re all going to have favorites that get knocked off the poll. I may add me a list to this thread later!


No, don’t delete!

The polls are a different part of the brain kinda fun! This is individual curation.

They are similar but distinct!


Season 1: Untamed Youth
Season 2: Rocketship X-M
Season 3: Gamera Vs. Guiron
Season 4: Attack Of The Giant Leeches
Season 5: Mitchell
Season 6: Angels’ Revenge
Season 7: Laserblast
Season 8: The Giant Spider Invasion
Season 9: Werewolf
Season 10: Track Of The Moon Beast
Season 11: Carnival Magic
Season 12: The Day Time Ended


Sounds fun - as to explanations why I chose what I chose? These made me laugh the most. It’s as simple as that… or is it? (see seasons 2, 5 & 10)

Season 1: Project Moonbase
Season 2: Ring of Terror… no, Wild Rebels… no, Ring of Terror… no, Wi…
Season 3: Pod People
Season 4: Monster A-Go Go
Season 5: Santa Claus (I Accuse My Parents is a very close second)
Season 6: The Beast of Yucca Flats
Season 7: Night of the Blood Beast
Season 8: Jack Frost
Season 9: The Final Sacrifice
Season 10: Girl in Gold Boots (though Moon Beast is right there with it)
Season 11: Carnival Magic
Season 12: Ator, the Fighting Eagle


I really struggled choosing between Track Of The Moon Beast and Girl In Gold Boots for season 10 - “Bob Ovalhead!”


KTMA: I’ve never gotten to see most of KTMA but I’m gonna say Gamera because Gamera is really neat

S1: I admit, I have never been able to really focus on this season

S2: Godzilla vs Megalon even though we have been apart so long. Where have you gone, Toho Lizard?

S3: Earth vs the Spider though I feel like I’m murdering my own children from having to pass on Cave Dwellers, Pod People, and Fugitive Alien

S4: Oh no not another decisions like this… Okay, my old fave Teenagers from Outer Space, sorry Killer Shrews and Magic Sword. This is TORCHA

S5: WHY did you create this Sophie’s Choice topic you MONSTER? I choose Girl in Lover’s Lane over the insane spectacle of WWW of Batwoman and the squeaky delight of Alien from LA

S6: At last one I feel firm on: Danger! Death Ray. “You’re all going to be Bart Fargo-less for a while.”

S7: Last guy in line, you wanna just stab Deathstalker there?

S8: YOU MONSTER DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY CLASSICS THERE ARE IN SEASON EIGHT??? GAhhhh I chose [closes eyes, points randomly]… The Giant Spider Invasion. GO PACKERS WOOOOO

S9: ACK ACK THIS IS ME DYING. DYINNNNNNNG Forgive me Hobgoblins and Final Sacrifice and Werewolf for I have forsaken you for… The Screaming Skull. Show us your live wife and win a million dollars!

S10: Can’t. Go on. Or speak. In. Complete. Sentences. Take me from this hell of my own making, Future War

S11: Oh thank you lord for this respite, for showing me the way and the light, for it is Avalanche that towers over its neighbors, and eventually buries them in its snowy perfection

S12: The Day Time Ended. Which cannot come soon enough, for I am done in


I forgot about KTMA, but do I consider it an all-star caliber season? Regardless, it would be either Su-Maru or The Last Chase.


KTMA: SST: Death Flight
S1: Moon Zero Two
S2: Godzilla vs. Megalon
S3: Cave Dwellers
S4: Tormented
S5 Joel: I Accuse My Parents
S5 Mike: Outlaw
S6: San Francisco International
S7: Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell
S8: Prince of Space
S9: Werewolf
S10: Track of the Moon Beast
S11: Avalanche
S12: Mac and Me


Awesome Idea! Here my team… (and yes, it’s like choosing a favorite child - don’t tell the other kids I like you best…)
Season 1: The Crawling Eye (it’s a movie I love unriffed as well)
Season 2: King Dinosaur (+ the Short “X Marks the Spot”) - the short puts this one on top for me
Season 3: It Conquered the World (my all time favorite sci-fi movie) with the short Snow Thrills.
Season 4: Monster A Go-Go (+ the Short "Circus On Ice).
Season 5: Swamp Diamonds (and our introduction to the awesome Beverly Garland)
Season 6: The Beast of Yucca Flats (TWO shorts with this one!)
Season 7: Night of the Blood Beast
Season 8: The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and… heck, you know the rest
Season 9: The Screaming Skull (with the short Robot Rumpus)
Season 10: The Bloodwaters of Dr. Z (I’m a big fan of the movie…

Season 11: The Beast of Hollow Mountain
Season 12: The Day Time Ended


Oh mommy don’t make me choose but…
KTMA - Hanger 18
S1- Robot Holocaust
S2- Sidehackers
S3 uggg- Pod People
S4- Attack Of The Giant Leetches
S5 noooo o ooo - I Accuse My Parents
S6- Zombie Nightmare
S7- Laserblast
S8- Space Mutiny
S9- Hobgoblins
S10- Boggy Creek II
S11- Cry Wilderness
S12- Lords Of The Deep


S1- Project Moonbase or Robot Holocaust
S2-Wild Rebels
S3-Cave Dwellers
S4-Teenagers from Outer Space
S5-I Accuse My Parents (for Joel)/12 to the Moon (for Mike)
S6-Zombie Nightmare
S7-The Incredible Melting Man
S8-Space Mutiny
S9-The Final Sacrifice
S10-Merlin’s Mystical Shop of Wonders
S12-Lords of the Deep


I like it, 2 hosts, so 2 choices from 1 season

(I noted a close second in my list for year 5, and it works out that one’s a Mike and the others a Joel)


KTMA: The Last Chase. Admittedly, I need to go back and watch all the KTMA episodes again to refresh my memory, but I remember liking this one.

Season 1: The Black Scorpion. The movie is fun in and of itself, but this is where it felt like the Season 1 gang was closest to that classic era level of quality we expect from later episodes of MST3K. J Elvis Weinstein goes out on a high note (until his Season 12 return, of course).

Season 2: Godzilla Vs. Megalon. The riffing over that last fight scene is a thing of beauty. The rest of this goofy movie makes for excellent joke fodder as well, and the host segments are so bizarre that you can’t help but guffaw.

Season 3: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. It’s kind of impossible to imagine a holiday season without this gem of an episode with spectacular riffing at the expense of Santa, Billy and Betty, Voldar, and all the Martians. The host segments are a delight, with “A Patrick Swayze Christmas” being an all-time favorite and the fan letter at the end making for a genuinely poignant moment.

Season 4: Bride of the Monster. A lot’s been said about Manos, and rightfully so. Still, I have to give the Season 4 crown to the inspired jokes over this Ed Wood sci-fi misfire. Plus, we get Hired! Part 1, the “Hired!: The Musical” sketch, Crow’s dream analysis, and Cambot helping the gang to re-edit the end of the movie.

Season 5, Joel episodes: Mitchell. A hell of a sendoff for Joel and introduction for Mike. Even without those vitally important host segments, we have some of the most brilliantly written theater segments in the series’s history (sorry, Joe Don).

Season 5, Mike episodes: Outlaw. MST3K submitted this episode for Peabody Award consideration and won, and it’s not hard to see why they chose this one. This aggressively stupid sword-and-sandals movie is met by unceasingly hilarious jokes, and Jack Palance gives them a lot to work off of. It helps that we also take a look at the autobiography Palance on Palance and get the classic “Tubular Boobular Joy” out of it all.

Season 6: The Sword and the Dragon. I’m a sucker for the Russo-Finnish episodes, and this one shines as a Season 6 favorite. Gloriously wacky movie that stands well without the riffing, but once you throw that riffing in over all the adventure and weirdness? Classic. Bonus points for the inspired lunacy of the Ingmar Bergman sketch, Kevin Murphy dropping by as Ilya, and Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl doing their thing as the neighbors from Deep 12.

Season 7: The Incredible Melting Man. The most viscerally difficult episode to watch in the MST3K canon? Perhaps. But with riffing this extraordinary at the expense of the gratuitous makeup effects, lemon-thieving oldsters, and Doctor Ted Nelson, you can’t go wrong.

Season 8: Jack Frost. My favorite episode of them all. The movie is exuberantly zany, colorful, and enjoyable, the characters come across as memorable and distinct, the riffing has never been sharper, and I get a kick out of the Observer/Bobo character development. Just a total joy to watch.

Season 9: The Final Sacrifice. One of those perfect episodes that never wavers in quality no matter how many times you see it. Rowsdower, Troy, Pipper, Satoris - all the riffs about them and the hilariously hokey movie in which they’re trapped is comedy gold, and it’s something awesome that we could witness that.

Season 10: Squirm. A monster movie with ridiculous monsters? It all works, and it’s all good here, not to mention the jokes that we get out of our leading trio. Of course, it boasts an MST3K high point in the superbly mocked short, A Case of Spring Fever. That we get the Castle Forrester Fair, crispy worm experiments, and Servo’s extreme Southern Belle-ness is only icing on a very delicious cake.

Season 11: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom I. Much has been said about how stellar Cry Wilderness is, and I don’t disagree. But for me, I gotta give it up for this screamingly insane movie and how the gang sends up the ineffective Simon, the drink-happy Kor, Shurka and his Crabby hat, and whatever’s going on with Gulfax. I’m also partial to the host segments that give us Jonah and the Bots’s musings on Kor’s conqueror status, the “Magic Inside of You” musical number (complete with zombie Crows), and fan mail!

Season 12: Mac & Me. I loved this one right from the word “go.” The other episodes in Season 12 were pretty damn good, but the jokes throughout this E.T. ripoff were sublime and superlative. The Yakety Sax moment? Absolutely terrific, and there’s so much great stuff all throughout. I’d even go so far as to put this above the excellent Pod People in terms of enjoyability. Throw in the McDonah birthday party from hell, and it’s an instant classic.


Season 1 - Moon Zero Two
Season 2 - Wild Rebels
Season 3 - Fugitive Alien
Season 4 - Bride of the Monster
Season 5 - Beginning of the End
Season 6 - The Creeping Terror
Season 7 - Laserblast
Season 8 - The Leech Woman
Season 9 - The Screaming Skull
Season 10 - Boggy Creek II
Season 11 - Avalanche
Season 12 - Ator

Note to self: need to watch more of seasons 3, 4, 5, and 6.


Season 1 - Untamed Youth (Generally not a fan of this season but it helps as dumb as the movie is, I was genuinely invested in it).
Season 2 - The Catalina Caper (A strong episode of the season. The show is kind of still loosey goosey in this era but I feel this feels more complete)
Season 3 - The Pod People (Lots of hits starting this season but this is the perfect combination of movie and comedy stylings)
Season 4 - Manos: The Hands of Fate (I think Manos as an episode is a little overrated. It is very good but I wouldn’t put it among my favourite. But the jaw dropping audacity of the movie puts it in. And it is still pretty funny)
Season 5 - I Accuse My Parents (This might be the season that is hardest to pick from)
Season 6 - Samson Vs. The Vampire Women (This is… tough. I’m happy with my pick but my heart hurts leaving out Danger! Death Ray)
Season 7 - Night of the Blood Beast (this might be my all time favourite? I need to watch it again to find out)
Season 8 - Riding With Death (I have an affinity for 70s TV garbage)
Season 9 - Pumaman (No comment.)
Season 10 - Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders (re: 70s TV)
Season 11 - Cry Wilderness
Season 12 - Atlantic Rim (I never thought a mockbuster would work for this show but when it happened… BA BOOM!)