MST3K Avatars!

Looking for avatars you can use here on the forums?

Well, now there’s a collection to get you started:

Check out the album, download the image you’d like to use, and you’ll be able to re-upload it here on the forums as your personal avatar icon!

Want to create avatars that everyone can use? Just create a square image file – we recommended 300 x 300 pixels – and post it to this discussion as a reply.


Those are great! Love the airbrush effect.

For the next volume I’d love to see GPC and the Moon logo. Maybe the Gizmonics Institute building and Iron Butterfly as well?

EDIT: And the Phantom of Krankor. :heart_eyes:


Those are really well done. I like the lot of them.

If anyone is taking requests, we need Emily and some Nanites. Oh, and Mr. B Natural, preferably Bridget Nelson as Mr. B.

But requests aside, thanks for making these available!


Fantastic work. Would a portrait of Torgo be a possibility??


Psst: Gypsy! (or GPC these days)

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Pretty niiiice!

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Looks good! Thank you!

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She’s in the background of every picture.

But, also:

Gypsy's own smudgy headshot!

And, why not, here’s a background cobbled together from all the pictures where it isn’t covered, then smudged together for anyone to make their own smudgy portraits over top of: