MST3K Episodes bought through RiffTrax

Not sure if this is possible, but I purchased a few MST3K episodes through RiffTrax. Any chance they can also be accessed through Gizmoplex in the future…

Not an issue. I would still visit RiffTrax for them but If I am currently in Gizmoplex it’d be nice not to have to leave if I want to binge watch episodes. As I currently do when I’m at RiffTrax.


I would guess if it was bought direct from rifftrax, it won’t be included in the gizmoplex fridge. I would hope @ivan would be able to give a better expectation, but maybe a future feature , rather than something available in the coming weeks, if anything imo.

Here’s hoping and all, but methinks, not for now, maybe soon :slightly_smiling_face:


I would guess probably not, since your purchase from Rifftrax paid for them essentially storing it on their server.

Maybe with a transfer fee, like $2 or something, it could be doable.