MST3K Facebook forums

I’m kinda debating leaving a few of the MST3K Facebook forums I’m part of.

Kinda getting tired of all the Joel VS Mike VS Jonah debates. And then theres the contingent already trashing season 13 based on one episode.

It’s not just MST3K. I’m a huge Star Wars fan but i can’t deal with the online negativity from that “fan base” anymore either.

I’m just kinda DONE with people constantly arguing and complaining and nitpicking EVERYTHING.

So far I’m really enjoying it here. It’s a smaller group (so far) and i suppose the fact that most of us here helped fund the new season contributes to the positive vibes.

We know what we helped pay for and also get that this is all still very much a work in progress.

It also means we like and have accepted the new cast and aren’t stuck in the past, refusing to let go of the classic versions of our favorite characters.

Was the first new episode PERFECT? No.

But we can see the heart and hard work put into it, and the potential for growth.

My hope is this forum remains a haven for those of us who just wanna relax and repeat to ourselves “it’s just a show.”


My two cents: I love differences of opinion when it comes to favorite hosts and episodes and riffs and whatnot, provided that everything remains respectful and friendly and lighthearted and what-have-you.

Folks will have varying opinions about the season premiere and the new season in general. And that’s okay! Variety is the spice of interesting discussions. Let’s keep it light, and let’s never lose sight of how this is the greatest fanbase in the universe for multitudinous reasons.

All that to say this: I love this MST3K forum and all the potential for fun/insightful conversations. This is a wonderful home for MSTies, and the positivity surrounding all of that is remarkable and encouraging. That’s something to be embraced. You have a hope that this forum will remain a haven for MSTies, and based on all the great discussions I have read (and took part in), yours is not a misplaced hope.

I have no problems with differences of opinions either.

What bugs me though is those who just feel like they have to crap on something because they prefer a different host or era.

MST3K is still around because some of us have embraced the new era. Others, however, aren’t feeling it. And that’s their right.

That said, i don’t need to constantly hear how everything new “sucks” or how they wish this person would come back or that person did it better or was funnier or whatever.

It gets old, quick.

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Which is why I’m all about embracing (and encouraging) positivity when it comes to discussions.

Case in point, The Castle of Fu Manchu is my least favorite episode of the series, and the only one I don’t really like to return to. Even so, if someone champions that episode and holds it up as an installment that they love? I couldn’t be happier for them!

I hear what you say about Star Wars and all the online negativity that can get bound up in that fandom. It’s not my cup of tea, no. But I don’t see that here in these MST3K forums, because it feels like the MSTies here know and respect what’s important when it comes to rallying around this show and the fanbase in general. Joel wasn’t wrong when he said that “the right people will get this.”

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MSTies are, by and large, a MUCH more positive fanbase than the Star Wars fans. Change is scary though, especially when it happens to something as beloved as MST3K. A knee-jerk “I hate it” is to be expected, and if you inhabited the fandom way back in the pioneer days of the internet, you’d hear the same stuff being said about Mike and the Sci-Fi seasons. But we all came around then and I’m sure we’ll come around to Jonah and Emily.

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