MST3K filk songs

While it probably doesn’t fit into the realm of ‘filk,’ Checkpoint Charley’s Mother Veronica is based on the MST3K episode Girls Town. The line “Calling St. Paul” is a direct tribute to MST3K. It’s a fantastic song and Checkpoint Charley is a fantastic band! Fantastic!

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Would Mike and the bots singing over the band in Horror of Party Beach be considered filk?

Then as Johnny Mathis;

Chances are! That I’ll kick your scrawny ass!

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That mystical picnic basket in the Vault Pick The Magic Sword inspired me… :heavy_heart_exclamation: :peace_symbol:

:notes: Can you transport? Can you picnic?
Transport down for the S.O.L. Picnic
There’ll be lots of riffs, and wacky Mads tiffs

Red and yellow bots
Sargassum and moonrocks
Red and yellow jumpsuits
Sargassum and moonrocks

S.O.L. Souls, C’mon, c’mon
Transport down to the S.O.L. Picnic…

Go fishing midst the stars
Play cheesy ballads on guitars

S.O.L. Souls, C’mon, c’mon

There’ll be trains of Underoos, trains of Underoos
There’ll be trains from Chicago, trains that never go slow
Come along and transport by those trains in the sky

Transport on down to the S.O.L. Picnic… :peace_symbol: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Transport, transport down… :notes:


:notes: "Start spreadin’ the news,
I’m riffin’ today,
I’m gonna’ wade right into it,
Castle! Castle of Fu Manchu!!

Romher’s reveling
In racism, yay!
See how he hates on women, too!!
Castle! Castle of Fu Manchu!!

I wanna’ stay awake while losers just fall asleep,
To find I’m super-enraged, ready to weep!

That colorless twit: Smith-Land of the Nay
A plank of wood’s more interesting.
Castle! Castle of Fu Manchu!!

And if I can get through this
Then all of life will be bliss.
Scrapin’ you off my shoe,
Castle of Fu Manchu!!!"