MST3K Game night

It’s on tonight! 5pm PT/8 pm ET

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 885 8836 2742
Passcode: p299t1

You’ll need two windows, one for Zoom, one for the game room. Join by Zoom first, then you’ll get the link and code for the game room.

Zoom has a 40 minute time limit, so somewhere around the 30 minute mark, everyone will need to leave the room then join back in to reset the timer.


It’s possible to make custom questions for Quiplash.


I’d be game for that! I’ve done a few Kahoot-based trivia nights through the pandemic. Those seem like they’d be both fun and easy, but I’ve only been on the playing side of things.

That’d get my vote, though I’ve not tried some of the other ones mentioned and would be game (heh) to try them too.

In ‘What the Dub?’ a certain number of people - limited to 6 or fewer riffers, I think, but you can have many voters - watch a clip and then write a riff on it. Everyone votes for the best one.

It’s very MSTie, but I’ve only played it once.


I’d be down.

The Jackbox series and What the Dub?! rock, and the ease of entry can’t be beat (don’t need anything special, just a browser on something). Adding Gartic Phone as an additional suggestion – no special anything necessary and, while heavy on the drawing, there are lots of small rules adjustments to accommodate most everyone.

I’m down!

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Does everyone playing need to own a copy of Quiplash?

I know for ‘What the Dub?’ only the host needs to own a copy.

I’m willing to host WtD for starters, if we can pick a time that works for an adequate number of people.

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You can answer Quiplash questions by going to a special webpage, but I think you still have to have somebody streaming the part of the game with the announcer and animations and what not if everybody isn’t in the same room. That person I think has to pay for the game itself.

Now that I got What the Dub? for the Switch, I’m in!

OK, I’m thinking New Year’s Day might be a good time to try this out.

I can set up a Zoom meeting for a few rounds of ‘What the Dub’, then I can yield the screen for anyone who has something else to play.

I’m thinking 5 pm PT, 8 pm ET.

What do you think, sirs?

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I’ve never heard of What the Dub. Is it an app or something?

I’m in!

It’s a game where people caption a clip and everyone votes for the best one.

It’s very MST-like.

Only the person hosting needs to own it, which will be me.

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Players just need a web browser to participate.

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I’d be interested


I’m in for all of it and that time works for me.

So could I perhaps join in late or would it be one of those things that you have to be there at the beginning or it doesn’t work?

Some of those games last some amount of time and then you play again and you can choose new players each time.

It depends on how many people join in and how long they want to play.

So try it when you can - I don’t really have any idea how this is gonna go.