MST3K Haiku Thread

Cut you good, Bayliss!
Yeah, I killed that fat barkeep.
Gonna MOON ya, man!


Cherokee Jack - A Haiku

by Spotty Boots

Violent Foreshore
before cherokee jack choke
before the cuba

I think it’s in the running for some sort of prize, but don’t trust me, read the reviews !

“The juxtaposition of Cherokee Jack and Cuba is truly inspired.”

  • The Daily Tale

“I don’t like short poems. So why am I reviewing a haiku, you may wonder? Well, I liked the title - ‘Cherokee Jack’. I am now a believer.”

  • Enid Kibbler

“Amazing how so few words can set a scene so perfectly. I close my eyes and all I can see is the violent foreshore.”

  • Hit the Spork

“I felt that I was a Cherokee Jack. It was spooky. I hope to read more by Spotty Boots. Perhaps next time, something longer.”

  • Zeb W. Glassenheimer

“I’ve always wanted to write a haiku about Cherokee Jack. I can’t believe Spotty Boots has beaten me to it.”

  • Betty Boron

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Boy you’re sure funny.
My tires are filled with water.
Wow wowie wow wow!


My NaMe Is ToRgO
aNd I tAkE cArE oF tHe PlAcE
aNd GrOpE tHe WoMeN.


Happy turkey day!
Joel and the bots share the joy
Of cheesy movies, hurray!