MST3K in Reno

Just wrote a blog on how the live tour went at the Pioneer Center.
It really did a number on “Making Contact”, and Emily will be the new face of the show, if she isn’t already.


IMO you were a little harsh on Yvonne- this is her second outing as Mega Synthia, and (weird hair aside), I really like her in that role and as GPC. She’s a great singer, you have to give her that. Emily definitely more than lived up to the potential she showed in the last tour, and deserves every bit of praise you gave her. Watching the show made me really happy they brought in enthusiastic unknowns for this go-round, like back in ye olden days.


I caught the tour when it was in Chicago back on 12/11, my first experience with the “road team.” I think it helped that I was familiar with them all from this summer’s Zoom events and had already developed an appreciation for their talents, especially during the Jackbox games which were loads of fun.

The “Time Bubble” concept was maybe a little hard to carry off in a stage production and might have benefited from a full panoply of studio tricks, but I have zero complaints about Mega-Synthia cutting a rug in a bright green 1920s flapper dress (rrowr!), and the whole cast sang their hearts out and sounded great together. Plus, we all got to sing “Happy Birthday” to Emily at the end of the Chicago show, a great way to cap off an evening at the thea-tuh.

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You may be right. She is new, and once her turn at the Gizmoplex is underway, she’ll get it right, and show Emily who’s boss. Would love to see her against Synthia and Kinga. That’ll get things going.
EDIT: I am aware Yvonne isn’t well-known yet, and we’ve mostly seen her character in the previous live show. I’m just thinking people who are new to the show (or didn’t see the live show) may wonder how she fits in. The Gizmoplex will make her more popular.
Since her hair is like Clayton’s, maybe she’ll be a lot like him. Imagine Pearl’s reaction to that. Meg just needs more time, as Dr.F needed time to establish himself way back in the Before Time.