MST3K is up on Peacock

But don’t get TOO excited its only a handful of eps…

-Robot Holocaust
-Pod People
-Hercules Against the Moon Men
-Swamp Diamonds
-Beginning of the End
-Zombie Nightmare
-Puma Man
-Boggy Creek II


There are a surprising number of episodes on that list that I do not own. I am watching all 103 episodes I have in order as the run up to season 13, and will have to incorporate these into the mix. I am on Season 3 currently (and really need to get going much faster), and though I just finished Fugitive Alien, I think I will go back a few episodes and watch Pod People next, since it is not in my library.


PEACOCK ?!? That’s weird in its total randomness - but a very good choice of episodes!


Huh… never saw that one coming!

There’s some stuff I watch over on Peacock - Monk, Psych, The Rockford Files, etc. - so it’s good to have some conveniently placed MST3K over there.

Thanks for the heads-up!

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For those wondering why Peacock of all places has MST3K, it’s because NBC owns ScyFy. So I would imagine they can stream the old Sci-Fi episodes. Viacom own Comedy Central, so who knows maybe others will show up on Paramount+ :rofl:


Maybe, but plenty of the episodes Peacock is showing are Comedy Central-era shows, so it looks like Shout did some sort of deal to them.

Me, I’m happy splitting my streaming between Shout’s website and whatever links to, but if you already have Peacock and want to watch those few episodes, I guess it’s a way to do it.

There’s also a good number of episodes on Tubi.
BTW, if you use the Brave browser…NO ADS! :+1:

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