MST3K Live recording

Hey, I apologize in advance if this was already covered as I will admit i’m lazy, and didn’t peruse the boards before posting. I am looking for copies of MST3K Live editions of No Retreat No Surrender and Making Contact. I have to imagine they’ve recorded at least one of the live events to stream or purchase. My best friend of 30 years passed away recently, and we went to both showings. I’d really like to be able to watch these again. Any options outside contacting the team themselves?


I’m sad to say that there are no recordings currently available, and that is due to rights issues; the show would have to pay licensing fees to the owner of the film rights for those films to make them available for purchase and that isn’t in the cards at the moment. I’m sure recordings exist of the live shows, just in case they are able to offer them in the future, but there are no commercially available recordings at the moment.