MST3K masks

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I’ve seen two MST3K masks posted by @Stacy_Boyette and @YettiChild. Does anybody else make masks? I’d love to see your masks, especially MST3K themes it fabrics, but all masks are welcome including store-bought.


I feel like I should point out that, unlike @YettiChild (whose mask looks awesome!) I didn’t make mine. I do think the person who did, did a great job. This is the link to their shop MST3K Gizmonic Institute Fitted Polyester Face Mask | Etsy


I know you didn’t make it, but it’s still awesome. Would you mind reposting your photo here?

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I originally bought that fabric for a quilt from Spoonflower, but having never ordered from them before, I picked the wrong type of fabric and it was stiffer than I wanted. So, I thought I’d use it for masks instead. Since the fabric was stiff I ended up using a different softer fabric for the inside. The pattern I used is pretty simple and can be found here:

The pleats are the hard part. I use alligator clips (usually used for test leads) to hold the pleats in place while I sew it.

Apparently I deleted the pics I had showing the alligator clips, but I’ll snap a few this weekend and post them here so people can see it. It’s a gamechanger.


I suppose I should add that I do modify my masks a bit from the original pattern to make a pocket at the top for a pipe cleaner so the mask will sit around the nose more closely. My sister wears glasses and told me I needed to find a way to include wire so she wouldn’t fog up her glasses.

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The closest thing I have to an MST mask is this

Thanks, Redbubble!


My wife sews clothes and quilts, so she has lots of notions and whatnots sewing. She has little clips we use when we’ve made pleated masks. She also likes to modify some of the patterns so she can surge them instead of sew, when possible. Her scary little serger blasts through very quickly and gets a lot of work done.


I’m not actually that great at sewing. And I certainly don’t sew enough to have a serger. I mostly make blankets and now masks. When my niece was little I made a few of her Halloween costumes. I have a very basic sewing machine, but it does what I need :smiley: I made a bunch of masks when COVID first hit for the guys at work since you couldn’t buy them yet and I figured many of them couldn’t sew. The pattern I use is a rectangle so I ordered a custom cut acrylic piece in that size so I have a template I can’t accidentally cut with my rotary cutter. The cardboard template I first made kept getting slightly smaller.


Thanks for the link! I was going crazy hearing everybody talk about making their own masks and saying to myself “Hell no, I’ll never get around to that!” Anyway, my hand-stitching is way too loose and and half-donkeyed to sew anything durable in less than, say, a week.

That’s a fun one: probably inscrutable to the average person, but the select few will “get it.”


I should have cut us some plexiglass templates. :man_facepalming:


Which is perfect for us. That describes the MST3K “zone” quite well.


I just got another one that, while not being explicitly MST3K-themed, does feature some familiar movie posters! (Some may be hard to see because of the folds, but there’s The Killer Shrews, The Leech Woman, Manos, and Teenagers from Outer Space)


I just bought a pair of masks on Redbubble for the tour show that hubby and I are seeing. Thanks for dropping that site!

I ended up getting the many names of David Ryder mask and a host/bots/mads mask. So many options from which to pick!