MST3k (naming the seasons)

So The two seasons from the Netflix era have subtitles, What names would the other seasons have? (If season 13 doesn’t have one then I guess you could do that one too?)

Edit: What I mean by subtitles is How Season 11 was The Return, and Season 12 was The Gauntlet (dramatic hand motion)


KTMA: The Beginning (or The Origin)
Season 1: The Re-Beginning
Season 3: The Gamera-ing
Season 5: The Shift Change
Season 7: The First Farewell
Season 10: The Long Goodbye


KTMA: The Beginning
Season 1: Son of the Beginning
Season 8: Revenge of the Beginning


I went kinda artsy on these:

KTMA: The Experiment
Season 1: Bigtime
Season 2: The Dawn of Frank
Season 3: Remembrances of Tokyo - alternate: When Turtles Have Wings
Season 4: The Hands of Fate
Season 5: The Escape
Season 6: Satellite of Lovejoy - alternate: This Satellite Feels Mushy
Season 7: Mother Knows Best
Season 8: Deep Space Chase
Season 9: Castle of Pain
Season 10: The End - alternate: To Earth
Season 11: The Return
Season 12: The Gauntlet
Season 13: Reborn Again

[NOTE: many of these wouldn’t have worked if the season started broadcasting before writing was finished… so they are definitely retcons.]


1: The Comedy Channel Will Never Die

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Or: The Sandy-Frankening


KTMA: From Humble Beginnings
Season 1: Greyscale Genesis
Season 2: The First New Guy
Season 3: The Japanese Invasion
Season 4: Getting into the Groove
Season 5: A Farewell
Season 6: Huh?
Season 7: Short, but Sweet
Season 8: Pearl Takes Control
Season 9: The Castle Comes Alive
Season 10: My Only Friend, The End
Season 11: The Return
Season 12: The Gauntlet
Season 13: Meeting Your Maker


Both of these names appeal to me. :joy:

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KTMA: In the Beginning
Season 1: A New Start
Season 2: Meet the New Mad
Season 3: The Sandy-Frankening
Season 4: Monster Madness
Season 5: The Great Shakeup
Season 6: The Umbilicus Reigns
Season 7: Dr. Forrester: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Earth Vs. Soup
Season 8: Revenge of the Mother/Brains, Apes, and Automobiles
Season 9: The Legacy
Season 10: The Anniv-Finale
Season 11: The Return
Season 12: The Gauntlet
Season 13: Dawn of the Gizmoplex


KTMA: Genesis
Season 1: Space Show’s Coast to Coast
Season 2: Way Down in Deep 13
Season 3: Centrally Located
Season 5: Host Exchange
Season 6: Frank and File
Season 7: Mother’s Day
Season 8: Planet of the Japes
Season 9: Somewhere in Time and Space
Season 10: Showtaker


Given the number of Coleman Francis films in Season 6, I consider that one…
The Long Dark Teatime of the SoL


KTMA: The Startening
Season 1: Enter Deep 13
Season 2: A Frank Discussion
Season 3: Amazing Colossal Japanese Films
Season 4: Movies A-Go Go
Season 5: Jumpsuit Change
Season 6: The Dark Night of the SOL
Season 7: Pearl of Wisdom
Season 8: The Endless Chase
Season 9: Castle House Party
Season 10: The Absolutely Totally Clearly Unquestionably Final Season
Season 11: The Return
Season 12: The Gauntlet
Season 13: Gizmoplex Opening Day


There’s an MST3K review blog that I love, War of the Colossal MST3K Fan Guide, and they came up with themed season titles inspired by the featured movies.

KTMA: Turtle Inundation
Season 1: Robots on the Moon
Season 2: Biker Movies from Hell
Season 3: Repackaged Japanese Crap
Season 4: Hercules Recast
Season 5: Wild, Unfettered Angst
Season 6: Violent Video Vixens, or Curly Howard Possessed by Demons
Season 7: There Will Be Blood, Implied or Otherwise
Season 8: Evil Hypnotists 'R Us
Season 9: No, Really, I’m from New Mexico; or Curious Antics from Across the Pond
Season 10: Were-Not-Wolves, or Big Trouble in the Deep South

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I’m glad someone actually remembered that Film Crew was a thing

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They’re all available on and play fairly regularly on the 24/7 MST3K channel.


I know, I’m just saying most people don’t exactly talk about it… I guess it’s just overshadowed by Rifftrax and CT… (in addition to MST3k)

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