MST3K on the YouTube

Now they’re showing Turkey Day 2020 and 2021. Frankly the remote events Emily did I remember not quite clicking but I think it was just I wanted to see her really be part of things?

Forgive me if this is old news, but I haven’t logged in for a while. Earlier today I tapped into the Season 9 marathon YouTube feed and to my surprise they were showing Final Sacrifice. Not just the host segments either, the whole episode, because I watched a whole theater segment.

Did we get the rights back to this movie? I checked the Gizmoplex and it’s still unavailable, so I’m puzzled about it.


It’s possible that streaming rights are different depending on the platform…? :thinking:

That’s pretty sweet, though. I think previously you could only watch it there broken into a bunch of pieces.


There may also be a difference between streaming (which is like a traditional broadcast) and on demand (which is like buying a DVD).

Or someone made a goof.


Are you sure it was the official MST channel?

As far as I know they don’t have the rights to any streaming (and it’s not platform specific, either you do or you don’t)

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If it was streaming I’m sure it would have showed up on Twitch

Maybe they just snuck it in there?

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The forever-a-thons actually have very few ads.

I think its a Shout-Factory thing…they are also running a never-ending marathon of one of their other properties…Space: 1999. I’ve enjoyed catching up on those!

Film Crew, Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic are appearing in it too, sometimes and now they’re doing MST marathons by season…its great!

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It was 100% the official channel. I have been ducking in and out of their stream feeds for the last few months just to see what’s playing and relax for a minute or two, and have been enjoying the season exclusive streams they were doing. They put up a stream that was all of their available Season 9 episodes, and when I popped in, it was Troy and Rowsdower talking to Pipper (“KNEW HIM?! HE WAS DELICIOUS!”). My response was “Oh, it’s Final Sacrifice.” ::wait thirty seconds:: “Wait…it’s Final Sacrifice?” I knew the stream said they threw in host segments of episodes they couldn’t use, but we were in the middle of a theater segment. I waited to see if it was just a free use clip, but it just kept going.

If it were an unofficial channel, they used the exact thumbnails and setups that the official channel uses for their streams. Not only that, they used the DVD print of the film, while most prints that wind up on YouTube usually are sourced from VHS copies straight from television.


I’m very happy to see the shorts channel. While there’s a handful of movies I don’t like (in spite of the riffing), I enjoy all the shorts.

Even Catching Trouble (a break, please, it was the first one we ever saw!)


…and the snakes too! :laughing: Best joke in that short! :laughing:

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I admit that the, uh… intensity of Assignment: Venezuela can be a bit much for me sometimes.


They’re doing a Film Crew stream at the moment.


Of course I come in while they’re doing a marathon of the Radar Men from the Moon shorts. The most boring shorts.

“MY shorts are never boring.”

So there!


I have some really EXCITING Hanes! :laughing: