MST3K Rebroadcast List?

Does anyone know of a database or website that might have information of when certain MST3K episodes on Comedy Central were re-broadcast?

The reason I’m asking is I’m trying to pinpoint a date when The Indestructible Man episode was rebroadcast on CC sometime after May 1994. It was the first episode my cousin watched with me, which then turned him into a big fan. He’s been having health issues lately and I would love to show him a tv guide or something showing him the exact date he became a fan.


That’s really sweet. Does this help?


That’s pretty damn boss of you to do that, @tomastigre. I think @Pearls_Mint’s link has gotcha covered there.

Also, all the best to your cousin out there, always.

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This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

I have access to my local newspapers archives that are in pdf form, but its search engine isn’t very good. And I felt like I was going in circles, especially since it was hit or miss whether they listed what the movie being riffed was. And my google fu wasn’t finding this site for me.

Now I’ll have to use other context clues to pinpoint the exact day.


Thank you so much! I was around 12 he was 11 at the time. I had known about MST3k for a couple of years, but he and my other cousin had never seen it. I was spending the night at their house and passed it channel surfing and told them to stop and after about 30 seconds of “what is this?” They were both laughing until they cried.
Next time I went over there he had a pile of tapes from recording every episode he had seen on the schedule. His mom through them out years ago. We reminisced about it a few weeks ago and I thought it would be cool to figure out that exact day his fandom started.


I just want to point out that unless your cousin happens to know the exact day, you can probably get away with a reasonable guess. And if you do somehow get caught, the gesture far outweighs the accuracy.

To further narrow down, maybe you can find out what the second episode he saw was. It sounds like he became a fan straight away and would have seen the next week’s airing.



It’s -always- awesome to hear that!

As Joel once said in an interview, "When we write a joke, we never ask, ‘Who’s gonna get this?’ We always say, ‘The right people will get this.’ "

And y’all are the right people.

Much respect and more power to you for doing that. Seriously.


I always enjoy an MSTie origin story! Thank you for sharing and hopefully you fully succeed in your mission. :smiley:


So after looking at the list I think it was the 8 PM June 2, 1995 rebroadcast.

Some of my other memories don’t exactly match up, but I’m sure that’s because of the fog of time. But I know for a fact it was a friday evening broadcast and I know it was this episode because of Joel doing the weird eye thing Lon Chaney Jr does, and a riff referencing Choo choo charlie, which was funny to us because I had an old time commercials CD that we had listened to that had that commercial jimgle on there. But I didn’t have that CD until 1995. June 2 is the only date that matched those criteria.

I texted my cousin and he responded “kewl” which, if you knew him, is quite effusive.


Welcome to the forums, @tomastigre! I hope we’ll be seeing lots more of you. Bring your cousin too! We’re collectively a pretty good hang.

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