MST3K Satellite Dishes

I was just wondering if anyone knows if Shout has any plans to the complete original series host segments, (and KTMA if possible) under the Satellite Dishes label. I got the idea from Vol. 39, as they released the host segments of movies that they can’t get the release rights for, which was a great idea. I would love to see the whole series in chronological order, (especially seasons 8-10) instead of just catching random episodes on Pluto TV, Shout Factory TV, or on DVD. If this topic has already come up, then apologies for posting about it. Thank you.


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I wish I knew the answer, but it would be awesome if they did complete the series.


That’s a good idea. Have you tried contacting Shout over it? It honestly might not have occurred to them.


That was a good idea to contact Shout. Thank you. Here is my original letter, and the response I got. The second part, sounds like a pretty generic form letter from them. Oh well.

Original Letter
Hello, I am inquiring about Mystery Science Theater 3000. In your Volume 39 set, there was a disc of host segments for films that have not been released. Have you considered releasing just the host segments for the whole original series (1-10, and KTMA if possible)? You could release them by season, or as a complete series set. That way, fans who missed out on DVD volume sets, or individual releases, can enjoy the series without trying to hunt down bootleg copies, or pay astronomical amounts for the DVD sets on secondary markets. It was just an idea I had. Thank you for taking time to read this email. I look forward to hearing a response from you.

Shout Response:

We had hoped to do this as an exclusive bonus disc of the KTMA segments on the site several years ago, but there were unfortunately some issues that led to the disc being cancelled. No plans to release these at this time.

Customer Service
Shout! Factory
1640 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Ste. 400
Los Angeles, CA 90025


That’s an unfortunate response, but thank you anyway for trying!


Maybe other fans can write them and spread the word. Much like the early years with the “Keep circulating the tapes” campaign. That was pretty successful. And the Kickstarter fundrasers, which gave us 3 more seasons.


Either that, or now that we know their address, we know where to send the wise guys.

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That’s a great idea, and you got a reply from Shout!, too. Not the response we all hoped for, but it sounds like they were motivated to do it and ran into difficulties. So at least that’s something.


I remember this. At the time, Shout provided more detail: the “issues” were that the video masters they had of the KTMA segments were of far worse quality than they expected, apparently bad enough that they were deemed “unreleasable.”

But hope isn’t entirely lost. New masters may surface, or new tech may eventually be able to fix whatever the image problems were.


There is a person doing AI upscaling of MST3K and putting it on YouTube.

I am very upset with them because they upscaled an unriffed version of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. I told them on Lemmy that they are using their powers for evil now. But maybe we could get them in touch with Shout?

(I’m not actually upset with them and I can get in touch with them if need be.)

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