MST3K Tarot

Spinning out of this discussion, I got to thinking more about an MST3K-themed Tarot deck. These decks are popping up like mad on Kickstarter at the moment, and there are a couple of artists who’ve worked with MST3K before who would be great for this. So who would buy a MST3K Tarot deck?

Here is the current list, though all assignments are still up for debate. Thanks to everyone who has helped build it thus far, and feel free to suggest your own additions!

Majors Arcana

The Fool: Max
Magician: Joel
High Priestess: Kinga
Empress: Pearl
Emperor: Dr. Forrester
Hierophant: Jonah
The Lovers: Tom
Chariot: SOL
Strength: GPC
Hermit: Dr. Erhardt
Wheel of Fortune: Bobo
Justice: Galactic Tribunal
Hanged Man: Mike
Death: Frank
Temperance: Growler and Waverly
The Devil: Timmy
The Tower: Deep 13
Star: Cambot
The Moon: Brain Guy
The Sun: Emily
Judgement: Crow
The World: The Theater

Minor Arcana

A: Invention Exchange
2: Gerry and Sylvia
3: Gizmonics Institute
4: Umbilicus
5: Holo-Clowns
6: Megaweapon
7: Torgo
8: Pitch / Rex Dart
9: Johnny Long Torso
10: Cosmic Space Children
Page: Phantom of Krankor / Tom with “real boy” head
Knight: Freak Masterstroke
Queen: Dr. Phibes
King: Jack Perkins / MST Hour Host (still the JP character but not explicitly)

A: Movie Sign
2: The Control Buttons
3: Door Sequence
4: Hexfield Viewscreen
5: MegaSynthia
6: Synthia
7: Castle Forrester
8: Jonah’s throw-away bots
9: Joey the Lemur
10: Enoch & the Demon Dogs
Page: The Nanites
Knight: PT Mindslap
Queen: Mr. B Natural / Steffi (Beez)
King: Gamera

A: Magic Voice
2: Jan in the Pan / Evil “Mirror, Mirror” SOL crew
3: Max’s love for Kinga
4: Pop Star Tupperware
5: Monad / “Meatloaf” the purple alien
6: Boneheads
7: The Swiss Army Planet
8: Hugo the Devil Doll in the cage / Pin-bolus, the fluoroscope pinball game
9: Backjack
Page: Iron Butterfly
Knight: Neville LaRoy (NPH)
Queen: Flavia
King: Moon 13

A: Kingavision
2: When Loving Lovers Love
3: Deus Ex Machina Escape Pod (with Hamdingers)
4: Bonesy
5: The Widowmaker (Pearl’s bus)
6: Kitten with a Whip
7: The Bubbulat-R
8: Sampo!
9: The Gizmoplex
10: Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter
Page: Dr. Peanut
Knight: Ardy
Queen: Nuveena
King: Ilya Muromets

Italicised entries are ones with potential copyright conflicts, so they might need to be replaced if anyone ever made this thing.


Previous Info

This is the original list I posted when starting this thread. Just left here for historical purposes. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve gotten started with a possible breakdown of the Major Arcana, but would love to hear your input.

The Fool - TV’s Frank & Max
The Lovers - Tom & himself
The Hanged Man - Mike
The Magician - Joel
The Chariot - The Backjack?
Death - The Boneheads
The Moon - Moon 13
The High Priestess - Kinga
Strength - GPC
Temperance - M. Waverly & Growler
The Sun - Mr. B Natural?
The Empress - Pearl
The Hermit - Jonah
The Devil - Pitch? The Master from Manos?
Judgement - Crow
The Emperor - Dr. Forrester
Wheel of Fortune - Brain Guy & Bobo
The Tower - Deep 13
The Hierophant - Dr. Erhardt
Justice - Gamera?
The Star - Cambot
The World - SOL



That is a really cool idea - I’d get it for the images! I find that I get a bit confuzzled when I’ve used Tarot decks (so much to interpret), but in a similar vein, I would also go for a MST3K Oracle card set - pull one card for the inspiration of the day!


I collect tarot decks so I’d have to buy this one whether or not I wanted to, lol. I would probably not use it.

I think I’d like to see Pearl as Judgement and Kinga as Empress. Mr B Natural seems like a perfect Fool for me. There’s probably a good use of Torgo to be had here.


Yah, I collect Tarot decks but don’t really use them. I have my own prophecy deck for that. I really enjoy the variants for their artwork and interpretations. I have decks themed on everything from a deck with full gender spectrum representations in Art Nouveau style to a Cthulhu deck to a deck where every single card is a type of wildflower.


Or perhaps the Deus Ex Machina?


First off, awesome topic.

Okay, so, I dunno how much you are trying to match card meanings with items, or just trying to make square pegs fit into round holes as it were, but here’s my two cents.

I’d prefer if the MST3K tarot was just MST3K characters. Not characters from stuff they riffed, but that’s just me.

If you are just trying to make the names line up with things, I personally would suggest the SOL as the Chariot and the theater itself as the World, as the SOL is more of a vehicle and the Theater is really what the MST3K universe revolves around. If you want to keep the meanings, then keep the SOL as the world. In a pinch, the Chariot could also be the umbilicus, or even just “The Invention Exchange,” as the Chariot is willpower and action, which is kind of what the inventions are. The will of the creators made form, and they drive the action of the scene forward. But maybe I’m overthinking it.

I would flip Erhardt and Jonah’s cards personally, as Erhardt represents loneliness more to me than wisdom, and vice versa.

The Devil really should be Timmy, the all black evil Crow, IMHO. He got Joel to swear!

I could also see Kinga being the Devil if you made Magic Voice the High Priestess (admittedly, the art for the card might not be great, but magic voice needs more love, dammit).

The Sun could be Goosio (as the Sun is fun, positivity and the inner child). Or even Joel as the Sun, and make Brain Guy the Magician.

I admit Justice is the hardest one for me, so I’ll take the easy route and suggest Turkey Volume Guessing Man, since he IS a superhero and Justice represents fairness and truth (which Crow was during that segment). I know that doubles Crow up on a card… but I like Crow, so there we are.

What do you think, sirs?


Torgo- seven of Pentacles.


Torgo is Judgement. Because the Master won’t be pleased by what you’re doing.


I’ve forgotten all the traditional meanings and symbolism for most of the Major and almost all of the Minor Arcana, but I would definitely buy this deck. :smiley:


Some good alternates, thanks! And I’m all for getting Gooseo into anything, I asked for a Gooseo plush during the KS campaign. :grin:

You’re probably correct that it’s wise to avoid movie properties, since one could really only use the public domain stuff. Good catch on Magic Voice, I’m ashamed that I often overlook her as well. Timmy is a great Devil choice! The Nanites could possibly be the Death card instead of the Boneheads - they did blow up a planet, after all. And perhaps Enoch and his Devil Dogs fit in somewhere, too.


Put me down for this deck!


The nanites would be a much better choice (in my mind) as the Death card doesn’t actually symbolize death, it symbolizes change and transition, and the nanites cause tons of change.

I honestly thought you were originally making a joke with the bone heads as Death, as they are often used for “transitions” both musically and between sequences in the show. I didn’t even realize you were using them to symbolize death. :sweat_smile:

Pearl and Brain Guy (and maybe even Bobo) could be fun as the Lovers if you have them pictured singing “Loving Lovers,” though that would make Tom the Wheel of Fortune (because nobody gets him, he’s like the wind). But I do like Tom better as the Lovers. It just… feels right.

Oh, and you could use the cosmic judge that sentences Mike to community clean up as Justice if Turkey Volume Guessing Man doesn’t work, or doubling up Crow is a problem.

But that’s just some alternatives.


Servo as the lovers, but it’s the United Servo Chorus.


Good call on the Nannites!
I’m actually part of a monthly tarot salon and we do deep dives into different cards each month. I could go over my notes and see what might make sense for minor arcana ideas!


4 of Swords: Pop Star Tupperware
Knight of Wands: PT Mindslap
3 of Swords: Max (specifically his unrequited love for Kinga)
Maybe Mr. B Natural as the Queen of Wands?
King of Pentacles: Mike as Jack Perkins on the MST3k hour
3 of Wands: door sequence
The Sun: Emily
Ace of Swords: Movie Sign


Thanks! I think you’d probably have better suggestions than I would, then, as I’m just an armchair Tarot fan. I’d really love to hear your suggestions!


Brilliant, I really wanted him somewhere in here! My favorite guest of the new season, with NPH a close second.

Where might Dr. Phibes go?


Ooh good queston!
Maybe she could be a good Queen of Pentacles. Pentacles are elemented to Earth, so her chosen profession would make that make sense!
NPH is a knight I think. Maybe the Knight of Swords!


Excellent assignments! And what about Ardy? As the “movie in the hole” guy, there should be a card that symbolises something along those lines. Maybe in the Cups suit?

Oh, and the Iron Butterfly! That should map to a card about information or communication or some such.


Ooh Ardy! He’s a doer, all business really. He’s got a communications role, so maybe Swords for him. Maybe he’s the Page of Swords, but cups makes total sense as well, with the Kingavision spilling all over the place. Page of Cups, maybe? Then make Iron Butterfly the Page of Swords. :wink:
I also think Synthia and MegaSythia should be together. Maybe Wands for them- that’s fire, the spark of creativity. They were created, so Wands makes sense as a suit. Maybe the 5 and 6 of wands for Synthia and MegaSynthia?