MST3K The Movie

So glad I’ve got near-all episodes, specials, extras, and the movie on tape and/or DVD. I don’t trust anyone to give up rights to old episodes.
My most treasured possession: both of the Godzilla MST3K episodes on DVD. :slight_smile:


The mind fair boggles now, but Toho being so overprotective of Godzilla movies to someone growing up in the days when every fly by night VHS company kept doing cut-rate releases of the movies on VHS is. . .well, it’s a sign that times have changed.


Weirds, I was just looking around for other things, and I see that the MST3K movie is available for digital streaming rental and purchase from the likes of Amazon and Google, so it’s not necessarily that Universal is all “nopes to riffing” but that they are “nopes for any riffing we don’t 100% own.” So presumably it would be possible for Alternaversal to license the movie for distribution the same way the other retailers do, but that’s probably a headache and a half to sort out.

Universal probably actually has it in some package deal, so they’d have to pick up distribution rights (not riffing rights) for about 30 other movies they don’t want. And, to be perfectly fair, because the general public doesn’t have the sophisticated tastes that we do, it’s possible the only reason it’s available on those other platforms in the first place is because it’s included in a package of popular movies they couldn’t get unless they also picked up MST3K (and a handful of other “less desirable” movies).

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I was wondering about that myself. I am also surprised that Soultaker isn’t available either, because that is a go to for me.

I made sure I bought the bluray of the movie. Still one of my favorite features they riffed and the one that made me fall in love with MST3K and participate in both Kickstarters.

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What’s this “and the rest” crap?


He made his car entirely out of bamboo!

Also, welcome to the forums!

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Also, this, but decidedly more than 42 times.