MST3K: The Terrible Reboot

Holiday Mascot 3000. Join Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and Cupid as they screen the worst holiday movies ever!!! Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving. No holiday is safe!!! Join the mascots on their fight for survival. Can they handle the stress?

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Nerds Unite 3000. Star Wars, Star Trek, and Marvel nerds are subjected to endless bad Sci-Fi and Fantasy flicks. Watch as RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!! and THE FORCE WILL BE WITH THEM!!! Can the love of their fandom and their wits help them survive? Tune in next week! Same bad time! Same bad channel!


Mystery Science Telethon 3000… :speak_no_evil:

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Mystery Science Theater 3000… on Fox
(I could probably stop there)

D-list celebrity host, the bots are CGI and voiced by Frank Welker, there’s canned laughter.

Granted a 12 episode run as a mid-season replacement, it’s an overproduced mess. By episode 9, it somehow hits its stride and becomes cohesive and funny—then promptly cancelled.


Muffin Day Science Theater 3000

Kinga recoups the company’s terrible losses by forcing all her prisoners and staff alike into the boutique baking biz. They riff on bad, untested or undertested muffin recipes all across time and space and thus actually succeed in evolving a serviceable product as the season wears on.

All goes reasonably well until we learn that Dr. Kabahl’s also-immortal mom, Dr. Keto, is the real power behind the time-spanning purse strings. Or somethin’. :sos: