MST3K vs Gamera Round II, a fan made series

If you haven’t checked it out yet, this fan made series is something I have come to adore.

There are 2 episodes so far, here is the playlist.


At this time code in yesterday’s Youtube live-stream, they talk for about a minute about the upcoming Gamera vs Jiger episode of MST3K, in the context of them having already used it themselves as an experiment:

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I really enjoy these.

The third film in the series premieres May 14:


Tomorrow, we get to see Super Monster with Helmutt and his bots!


The latest news is summer, perhaps.

Really? because I thought the date for the episode premiere was 5/17, tomorrow

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The trailer says it’s tomorrow!

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The trailer that video also announces missed its release date, so I inquired discretely, “whahappa?”, of the producer types. There’s going to be a delay, the response responded with.

Well, that’s going to be an issue for us.

The Crimson Weirdo’s actor person softens the blow, thusly: “The extra wait will be worth it as we have some major surprises in the wings.”

If the release date was wrong on this trailer, then why wouldn’t they announce that? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

They also said this:

Do you have a link for this, or this was a private inquiry? Did they announce the delay of the episode premier?

The inquiry was private, but the Enshoma quote was a reply on facebook.

Looks like you have to log in to facebook to see it. :frowning:

Ah okay, well that kinda stinks but at least we got another MST3k episode coming in two weeks on the Gizmoplex so it at least helps with being patient

Ahh, I can see it! Thank you for sharing. That’s a bummer, lol. We planned a whole thing.

I know I’m not in the discord, so many have a watch party for the previous two episodes. You know just as a refresher

We’ll probably postpone it so that we can watch all 3 since the delay is so long.

Season 3 Mistake GIF by The Simpsons

There’s always:


or even:

among others, to tide you over during your not so happy future.

Another fan clone! Awesome, thank you!

Yeah we were going to also watch some Mystery Fan Theater 3000 and some ICWXP.

But I’m going to check out KCOS right now!