MST3K Vs. Radiohead and The World of Music

Around the time that MST3K: The Movie came out, the MST3K gang promoted the film by riffing on a Radiohead segment from MTV News for Week in Rock:

With that video in mind, which musical artists would you most like to see the MST3K gang riff on?


Everything from the MTv Most Requested Video list from 1987.


Why 1987 particularly?


Holy Christwagons. I had never seen that MTV riff before. That is brilliant.


I was guessing at the year – looks like I should have said 1985, maybe '86. Around that time I would watch the MTv most requested video countdown every single day. There was a pre-internet viral campaign to make sure Mötley Crüe’s Home Sweet Home was always the most requested video-- you had to call in from your attached-to-the-wall phone and request it-- and it worked so well that it was #1 every day for three months and they had to actually change the rules to dislodge it. I would watch just to make sure it was still #1.

Home Sweet Home (Mötley Crüe song) - Wikipedia.


What a find! This is hilarious!

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