MST3K Wrestling in WWE 2K22

The WWE 2K22 video game lets you create some pretty elaborate and detailed customizable characters and share them with other users, so I’ve been creating some wrestlers based on MST3K-related characters. If you have the game (doesn’t matter if PC or console), you can download them to play with under the in-game Downloads section by searching with hashtag MST3K. And if you just want to see them in action, I’ve uploaded some videos of matches featuring the ones available so far on my YouTube channel here, so you can finally see the wonders of Mitchell fighting Krankor or Torgo vs. Tor Johnson. The most recent video features Emily wrestling the Batwoman in honor of last week’s episode.

So far, I’ve made Mitchell, Torgo, the Master (from Manos), Tor Johnson, Prince of Space, Phantom of Krankor, the Batwoman, and Emily Connor, with a bunch more in the works.


Also, I’ve almost got these guys finished, so very soon you’ll be able to settle this long running debate… :grin:


The Torgo one is mindblowing!

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These are great!

The last WWE game I played (2K15), I spent most of the time designing wrestlers and the walk-up animations. I did not like the actual wrestling part, the controls were terrible.

Magnificent! Added to the “Other Vids” link list, so post here when Joel v Mike is ready and I’ll add that too, if that’s okay.