MST3K Zodiac

The MST3K Tarot was such fun, how about mapping out the MST3K Zodiac next? Themed zodiacs are very popular on Kickstarter right now as well, especially in enamel pin form, and it might be fun to see how the MST3K cast of characters line up. Since there are so many characters, let’s make two versions - the SOL Zodiac and the Mads Zodiac. I’ll start with a few suggestions here, feel free to add your own (or argue assignments if you think of better matches).

== The Lists ==

– SOL Zodiac –

Aries: Crow
Taurus: Mike
Gemini: Cambot
Cancer: GPC
Leo: Growler
Virgo: Jonah
Libra: Tom Servo
Scorpio: M. Waverly
Sagittarius: Emily
Capricorn: Magic Voice
Pisces: Joel

– Mads Zodiac –

Aries: Ardy
Taurus: Max
Gemini: Synthia + Mega-Synthia
Cancer: Dr. Phibes
Leo: Pearl
Virgo: TV’s Frank
Libra: Bobo
Scorpio: Kinga
Sagittarius: Dr. Erhardt
Capricorn: Brain Guy
Aquarius: Dr. Forrester


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SOL Zodiac

Gemini: Tom Servo - Imaginative, loquacious, flamboyant, and rather in love with himself, there are a lot of this sign’s traits to be seen in the little red bot.

Pisces: GPC - Patient, maternal, long-suffering and burdened with responsibility, the trials and tribulations of this sign often seem to land on the capable shoulders(?) of the big purple bot.

Mads Zodiac

Capricorn: Kinga - Driven, ambitious, unyielding, and judgemental all seem to describe the mistress of Moon 13. (Actually, she is even more a Scorpio, so she’s going there for now.)

Taurus: Max - Devoted and loyal, but also stubborn and possessive, this natural lackey never quite seems to learn from his mistakes.


According to Cosmopolitan, which is I believe the ultimate authority on all things zodiacal:

“Aquarians are ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of invention, innovation, space travel and aerodynamics. In short - they are like mad professors!”

So I nominate Dr. Clayton Deborah Susan Forrester as Aquarius.


Sounds good to me! If Cosmo is the authority on romance, why not astrology?

So would those same attributes also qualify Joel on the SOL side?


I knew there was a reason I identify with Kinga!


Instead of main characters, what about favorite recurring characters or memorable riffed movies?

Like the sign of Torgo?
Or the sign of Gamera?


Yaknow, there’s no reason not to take a star map and just draw your own constellations on it… 'scuse me while I dip into Stellarium for a few screen shots.


Okay, splitting up the sky into nice 30 degree chunks stretching ten degrees north and south of the ecliptic, I did find serviceable Crow and Servo asterisms in the Pisces/Aries vicinity…

Well, it looks as much like Crow and Servo as Aries does a ram and Pisces a fish, anyway!


That’s a good one. I was thinking maybe Aries for him because he’s really energetic and ambitious, but I can’t argue with Cosmo! :grin:


I thought maybe Pearl would be a Leo: dramatic, ambitious, confident (at times maybe a bit full of herself) and a natural leader. :lion:


Agreed, thanks!

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How about Frank and Jonah for the Virgos? And Joel for Aquarius?

And thinking more about it, Kinga is very much like the Scorpios I’ve known. I think Brain Guy is more of a Capricorn. So I’ll make that update.


Haha this is a fun thread. I agree with you about Frank, Jonah, and Kinga; and Brain Guy/Capricorn is a good match. I think Joel could work as an Aquarius or possibly Pieces because he’s really nice in addition to being creative. He’s always so emotionally supportive of the bots :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes, that’s a good fit for Joel as well. Pisces are very nurturing, patient, and long-suffering. That does describe Joel, though he’s also inventive and intuitive like an Aquarius. I put GPC in for Pisces at the moment because she fits the “den mother” role no matter who the host is. :grin:

Who do think is the Scorpio for the SOL crew? I’m leaning towards either M. Waverly or Crow. I favor the former at the moment because Waverly is flamboyant and reminds me of a vaudevillian, and the Scorpios I’ve known have been very outgoing and showy. That can be Crow too, however.

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Yes, that’s a good point about GPC.

Hmm Scorpio, I don’t know too many of them and don’t really have a sense of what they are about. For Crow, I think Aries could be a good fit based on this description: adventurous, energetic, quick-witted, enthusiastic, confident, but also quick-tempered, impulsive, impatient, foolhardy, daredevil :aries:


Works for me! I have less experience with Aries, so will defer to your judgement there. It does sound like a good match for him!


Gemini is represented by twins, so Pearl & Synthia or Synthia and Mega-Synthia maybe?


A good suggestion as well. I like the Synthia/Mega-Synthia pairing especially, as they sort of have the shared DNA of twins, and their personalities are rather Geminid. (First-person experience talking here.)


I agree that Gemini would be good for Synthia & Mega-Synthia :+1:


Hm, not Cancer for GPC? Den mom vibes, keeping the home nice and cozy :thinking: :cancer: