MSTie mondays on the 24/7 MST3K shout factory channel

So MSTie mondays just started yesterday on the 24/7 MST3K channel on shout factory. They say the episodes are picked by MSTies for MSTies, does anyone know where you can help chose? The site listed just tells you what’s on it doesn’t have a poll or anything… any ideas?


Is this shout factory related to the Roku channel that Annoying Baby Brother texted me last night?


As far as I know MSTie Monday’s are based on a theme that you can very occasionally vote on. When they have a vote on a theme the link shows up in the chat on the side on the MST3K channel. Generally though the themes are pre-determined from what I gathered from a moderator on the MST3K channel. I don’t know if they are planning to change this or not.


That looks to me like the pluto channel not the shout factory one

It’s the Roku. It looks similar to Pluto, but I recognize the channel listings. Not that I have it memorized, that would be excessive (looks away and mumbles numbers).