Munchie Live Event That Wasn't

For some reason, the apps never flipped to the live event. Watching on a chromecast (so NOT the Virtual theater) and we never had a countdown papermation, intermission, or adverts from the sponsors.

Not sure what happened.


I wasn’t sure-if I have a Season Pass can I watch the Live Events? I just got my Gizmopass this week and I just caught up (I’m watching Munchie right now) :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Worked normally for us, from the app to the Chromecast.

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Yeah we tuned in about five minutes before the live start time and it went right into the episode. It was weird.

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The ep was live at noon today so maybe you selected that instead of the live event? There were two different Munchies to choose from.


That might be it. The app screens are not the most intuitive.

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Stream worked well for me on Chromecast Ultra. No buffering or cutaways here, overall a nice experience.

I did accidentally click on the on-demand episode myself, so it’s understandable if that happened.

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I think that happened to a few people. There were a couple in the live thread who were repeating riffs from up to half an hour ahead of the livestream. I ended up putting a temporary mute on them because it was pretty distracting.

I always watch in Chrome on my desktop computer. It worked fine last night, although I was a little confused when I clicked on Gizmoplex and instead of getting the graphic of the building on the moon I got asked whether I wanted to use the app or the beta version of the theater. I guess we’re seeing that now because the feed is public and not backer-exclusive.

For some reason lately I’ve been running into buffering issues starting around the 90 minute mark, which get progressively worse and worse until I get a total lockup and have to hard reboot. I don’t know if this is a memory issue or because of my crappy 23 Mbps internet feed. (Yeah, it’s supposed to be 100 Mbps. No, it’s never come anywhere near that.)

Actually, that thing about being asked what you want to use is new to me. Can you take a screenshot the next time that happens and send to


I like to have the Gizmoplex hot jazz from space playing in the background while I pop some corn about 15 minutes before the livestream begins.It was listed as “not live” when I turned on Roku, but I could watch the movie itself. However, I was able to tune into the livestream “preshow” about five minutes before 8:00.

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I happened to notice this, too.

I think it might have been what @Crwtrbt pointed out, that it was a case of people playing the actual on-demand finalized episode instead of the livestream premiere treatment of the episode.

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Oh it was definitely that. Maybe for the rest of the premieres, the on demand can have a short screen at the beginning that says “yo this is the on demand version, so like, you know, don’t spoil stuff for other people today and also if you think you are watching the livestream I assure you that you are not so you should hop outta here and go to the place that’s the proper place for your placement. Place.”

Or funny words to that effect.


I couldn’t see the extras on the first couple of go-rounds, either. But then again, I couldn’t get it to play for me in the Gizmoplex Theater at all. I ended up watching from “regular” Gizmoplex where none of that was viewable. It was only late Sunday night that the “special edition” with the paper doll opener and the post-game show worked for me. After several page refreshes.

I filled out a Bug Report, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

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