Munchie subtitles error

I was watching the episode only version of munchie. It seemed that Jonah, and Tom were credited wrong on a bunch of subtitles.


If you notice errors with the closed captioning, you can note them down here for the team to correct.

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Two things… Munchie isn’t on the list yet, and it’s several times.

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yes, and a lot of the actual captions as well are very incorrect. words are misspelled, eggcorns abound, and riffs are rendered inert.
I think we should all team up and do a community rewatch for the purpose of subtitle correction and then add it to the document above.

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It might be better for us to just share the document so the community can correct it, if that’s something anyone’s interested in doing!


I’d feel weird editing a master document.
If it’s a spreadsheet, could you share an open, blank copy of it (so we can see the headings in the proper order), and once people add to it, copy/paste it onto your master doc?

I mean, it would be a Google doc copy of the master where you could suggest edits in the correct location.


you sonuva munch, i’m in!

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Gotta be munchie…

Here’s one to add. Dropping it here so we don’t forget. It also says “with the help of the robot friends.”

Also, besides misspelling Dom DeLuise… I have to say: It gets difficult reading white caption text when it’s laid over a light gray desk.


Yes please! It would be far nicer than filling out the whole form for more than a dozen corrections, and it would eliminate unnecessary work (for both sides!) on issues that have already been reported.

Did this ever happen? I know I’d contribute to it.

Inflicting Munchie on people again???


I can extract the subtitle files (SRT or VTT format) and look into the best way to report edits. I’m thinking a spreadsheet where one column is the current file (and nobody touches that) and the next column is for corrections, and the third column for notes if the correction is really weird, like… I dunno. I just know that at some point somebody is going to not want to just put in the correct text and instead write a little story about a change they think should happen, and I’d rather that meta fix stay out of the column of fixes ready to go. Then there will be a button or something that merges fixes with the original and makes a new set of files for import.

Anyway, that’s probably my little extra curricular project this next week for my Mystery Server Theater collection of things I do because why not?


At this rate, we’re going to have to start paying Chris soon… :open_mouth:


I’ll get you hooked then I’ll put all my stuff behind a paywall.


Ha-ha. Ha-

Oh, wait …

He’s not joking!

Hey where did all the cool content go!


You see, what I do is, I HACK things on the SIDE. I guess you could call me…

(wait for it)

An adjacent developer.

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Okay, what do people think of this?

Right now this will just collect edits. I don’t have an export function yet, but it will save them and the other work can be done later.

I found one subtitle error, and the subtitle for Servo said: “Please stop, please stop, please stop!” But as I listened carefully, it was Crow who said the line. Good thing I submitted my response.