Music Lovers: favorite unique albums you love

I love hearing what other like in music and lately I have been finding some unique (if not weird) albums. Share with me your favorites that are unique to you. Anything goes. Here are mine:

Bob and Doug Mckenzie- The Great White North album : Based on the SCTV characters played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas , this surround sound madness is a fun one to just let it play. Especially on Headphones.

The Moog Cookbook: This group, to my knowledge, only made two albums and they are great. Instrumental re-imaginings of some of your favorite hits. Songs include Teen Spirit, Basket case, and Buddy Holly to name a few.

Blue Man Group: I’ve been following them since I was a teen and the music is just FIRE! Best way to explain it. For guys who make instruments from PVC pipe, it’s worth a listen.

Klaatu: A group thought to be the Beetles secretly back together, their sound is totally unique and has a lot of elements that feel like they are from the Beetles. I highly recommend listening to them.


If you don’t know about this podcast, you should:


I’m not it counts as bizarre as much as little known but I love it still.

Last Stage for Silverworld by Kenny Young Link goes to Amazon digital version.

I heard it on vinyl back in the day from a cousin who introduced me to it. Still enjoy listening to it.

It’s on of those story albums that were the range in some circles back in the 70s.


Pretty much everything by The Residents, with Commercial Album my favorite.

Nyarlathotep by Flint Glass

Library Music series by Richmond local studio house band Spacebomb

Pastoral by Gazelle Twin

And I like experimental noise bands like Coil, Nurse With Wound, Trisomie 21, Melek-Tha, and Cryo Chamber.

Here’s my Bandcamp page if you want to peruse my tastes further.


Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk by MECO
Funk, disco, electronic and all with a Star Wars theme!


Thanks for sharing. I actually own Lenny and The Squigtones (1979), my father thought they were funny, especially the song “The Creature Without a Head” - That was a very interesting Podcast.

I also had the Jan and Dean Meet Batman, when I was a kid, so I’ll need to listen to that one next.


I have several little-known bands in my collection (TKOs “Let It Roll”), but weird?

The Dead Milkmen and Ween were weird. The Dickies (“Dawn of the Dickies” I won on a bet, and I loved it. Thank you Seattle Supersonics of 1979)

And Devo, but they are well known - so I guess I’m a little fuzzy on just what we’re supposed to share here? Just weird, or weird and obscure. Or is obscure and straightforward ok?


so good

Definitely agree about all things Residents and the Commercial Album is also of my faves along with Duck Stab and the first two albums of the Mole Trilogy.


Negativland fan here, and I suspect hope there might be a small clutch of other MSTies who are as well.

The best way I can describe their output is that they ingest massive amounts of audio, from lots of varying sources, then mince it and spit it out into a totally new and recontextualized thing to make a statement or tell a story (albeit a bizarre story).

The thing most people know from Negativland is “some U2 cover where Casey Kasem flips out” (Col. Sanders and Orson Welles got similar treatments) but no territory is safe from their tape reels. One song teaches us the origins of the U.S. national anthem while another imagines Disney’s Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln going in a very different direction. They have an entire album dedicated on the topic of cola war advertising. And when they aren’t working on an album, they’re on the radio (still, although in a more limited capacity these days) playing live with listener participation.


And if we’re going for other unique stuff I love. I’ll also mention -

Nina Hagen’s NunSexMonkRock

and most things Meredith Monk.


Reeves Gabrels - The Sacred Squall of Now


Years ago, David Bowie decided to do a “garage band” after being burned out on songs like China Girl and Let’s Dance. He enlisted a young Reeves for guitar, and two sons of comedian Soupy Sales. No, seriously. They created Tin Machine, released 2 records, broke up, but Bowie kept Reeves for 10 years, longer than any guitar player in his career. In between bands, Reeves released his debut album TSSON. Its a mish-mash of alternative (the first song features Frank Black on vocals), shoegaze and just flat out noise. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that both Bowie and Gary Oldman sing on 2 cuts as well. Yeah, you can’t make this up. These days, you can find him playing full time for The Cure.

PS. I was fortunate enough to meet him in Nashville at his album release party for his band The Imaginary Friends. A LOT bigger than I thought, think Jonah tall! Absolutely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.


This falls into “unique” rather than “weird,” Definitely a favorite.

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All of these are pretty normal to me, but might be weird for some people. Pretty unique. Definitely obscure.

Hands down a favorite band. Beautiful, weird stuff

The One Eye Open tracks on this album (although the whole album is great … OEO is the weirder of the two)

One of the plethora of bands that was picked up in the wake of Nirvana (without sounding like them at all) but never got any recognition despite being really damn good

Good in so many different ways. Good luck finding it.

This one’s absolutely essential

Great side-project by Nathan Larson of Shudder to Think

Any album by Nomeansno, but this one to start

Zorn is reliable for weird stuff. This qualifies

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Janitors Against Apartheid! I’ve got a Bay Area Ska CD with several of their tracks on it. Theme From Adcab and Sandy Buffaloe being my favorites.


Very good chance you are correct, I like them as well.

I assume a fair number of MSTies are also fans of They Might Be Giants. And of course it’s been pointed out before that Man or Astro-Man has an MST3K connection. The band Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet are good too, most folks know them for “Having An Average Weekend”, which was used as the theme song for The Kids In The Hall.


I can’t not mention Daft Punk. I know they’re huge, and not a mystery to most, but it still stands, that I love nearly every track of theirs I have heard, and even those that I don’t love, I still like a fair bit.

If you already know (or whatever, no prerequisites) Daft Punk, and want more ever changing (from album to album as bands naturally change) French House (not unlike Daft Punk with Random Access Memories, this French duo also went in 1970s sounding direction with their album , Woman) I have to recommend Justice, they have many tracks that sound like a study of Daft Punk’s sound, but rarely imitating it, and they certainly go in their own direction, which I feel is worthy of respect. That being said, I don’t fault One More Time, they do a helluva job as a tribute band, IMO. Justice also has a great single that I feel needs mentioning. D.A.N.C.E. is a tribute to Michael Jackson, released two years prior to the King of Pop’s passing.

If we’re going a bit off of the wall, I discovered Tales of Mystery and Imagination when I was in high school, still a devotee of Edgar Allan Poe, and this 70’s rock sound puts a great point on the selected works represented.

Another great bit of fun, is the discography of Orbital, who opened any given live performance for quite a stint of the 1990s with their version of the Doctor Who theme.


I have Sport Fishin’. It’s great.